Optimising your HR policy

Running an efficient and well-thought-out human resources policy is essential for those wanting to get the most out of their human resources. From ad hoc advice to a project-based approach or even in-depth on-site support, Vandelanotte is there for you every step of the way. Because building a successful business starts with the people who work there.

HR audit

Not sure whether your HR activities fall in line with the kind of employer you want to be? Or how this will be received by your employees? Through conducting a HR audit, we will analyse your current HR policy. Examining structures within your organisation, communication, recruitment policies, remuneration, etc. At the same time, we ensure not to lose sight of the personal factor. To that end, we will both engage with management and conduct a survey with employees, giving you a clear picture of what it is you are doing well, along with where things could still be improved. Based on these insights, we will work together to draw up your own tailored plan of action.

Specific HR advice

In addition to outlining an overarching HR policy, our team is capable of providing excellent assistance within specific sub-domains. Looking to fill a particular vacancy, conduct performance reviews or apply for grants? Whatever your question, our specialists are always on hand to offer practical, well-founded advice. Through cooperation between our various departments, we can also provide you with a perfect picture of any tax or legal implications of your next steps.

On-site support

Looking for a (temporary) helping hand to help tackle your next HR project? Do you not yet have your own HR team, or not sure where to turn to have your questions answered? Then we have the solution. Through HR insourcing, you can count on a wide range of additional knowledge without needing to make any permanent hires. We will visit your office on a regular basis, focusing all of our efforts on making your human resources a success story. Whether you want us as your single point of contact for your HR queries, or simply as an additional source of advice, the choice is yours. We work at the heart of your business, for your business.

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