If you're looking for a new employee, we can help you in your search for the best qualified applicants for your company. Because to us, an employee equals an added value. Which is why we match people with the job description, but also your company's DNA.

Recruitment in the private sector

Finding the right person for your vacant positions isn't always straightforward. We have the time and the resources to ensure that task comes to a successful conclusion. To do so, we first get to know the company culture, and we explore the profile you're looking for. We than draft the vacancy text, and share this on all the relevant channels, including our own vacancy website! Job interviews? Contracts? Monitoring during the first months of employment? Don't let this worry you, because that's all part of our service.

Recruitment in the public sector

For many years now, we have also been a reliable HR partner for public authorities. Our most important assets, besides the feel we've built up for this sector, are our business psychologists and high-quality selection tools. All of this guarantees faultless guidance and objective advice. We help your authority throughout the selection process, or separate processes such as sitting on selection committees or conducting assessment sectors. You can also turn to us for mapping out your current employees' talent. In this regard, we would also like to highlight our partnership with employment agency Poolstok.


Ready for a new challenge? Whether you are fresh out of school or a seasoned professional, we are sure to have a vacancy that is right for you.

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