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06 May 2024

More clarity on the formal training plan

by Tom Deloose and Mathieu Perquy

The employment deal. The training plan. Federal Learning Account. These are terms that you have probably seen before in your mailbox or in a newsletter. But what exactly is expected of you as a business leader?

While 2023 was still a transitional year, this year the training plan is taken very seriously. If you have more than 20 employees, you are required to offer them various training courses through a formal training plan. Moreover, from December 1, 2024, the training hours must be registered via a digital tool provided by the federal government: Federal Learning Account. Some aspects are also determined by the joint committees.

The various training courses can be both formal and informal. Formal training requires a high degree of organization and guidance, while informal training often takes place in the workplace itself. Informal training can take place on a regular basis but generally requires no additional organization once set up. Examples include onboarding programs, toolbox meetings, check-ins, recurring knowledge meetings, etc.

For an overview of formal training courses, you can visit the website of your sector federation. There you will find a lot of training courses, most of which are free of charge, as you are already paying the federation through the employer's contribution on wages.

Additionally, there are numerous training providers and platforms offering a wide range of various courses. The SME portfolio can be used to partially subsidize these training courses, and some sector federations also offer financial assistance.

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Contact us today and let us help you develop an effective training plan, use the Federal Learning Account, or address other HR needs.

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Tom Deloose

Team Manager HR Solutions

Mathieu Perquy

Advisor HR Solutions

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