HR Solutions

Working with staff

As a business owner, you know your employees are of immense value when it comes to your company operating properly. That also means you inevitably have to deal with HR. This encompasses everything involving the care for your staff. From recruiting to training, from employment contracts to remuneration. And a whole lot more. Our aim with HR Solutions is to give you as an employer peace of mind when performing your HR activities.

A company's staff and organisation policy demands a great deal of time, and has to be pursued meticulously. After all, you don't want a wrong profile being taken on, or something to go wrong when paying out salaries. Vandelanotte examines your company's organisation structures, communication, onboarding and contracts, among other things.

We inform you of the salary and employment conditions, and seek out the very best solutions in this regard. Are you short on qualified employees? With our vacancies website, we ourselves set to work seeking out the most competent employees for your company.

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