press release | vandelanotte grows as social service provider following lindra acquisition

In the press
20 September 2023

by Nikolas Vandelanotte

PRESS RELEASE | Vandelanotte grows as social service provider following Lindra acquisition

Vandelanotte has boosted its expertise in HR and payroll with its acquisition of Leuven-based Lindra. With a team of payroll, social and legal experts, Lindra has a lot to offer. What's more, the acquisition has also enabled Vandelanotte to gain a foothold in Leuven.

With its HR Solutions department, Vandelanotte has had a team in place for some time now responsible for all matters relating to human resources, with the acquisition of Lindra serving to provide an added boost. The team of five, headed by Karine Vandenplas, is focused on unburdening entrepreneurs and SMEs, just like Vandelanotte. This goes from monthly payroll processing and the drafting of contracts to offering advice on employing foreign employees.

As the right-hand man for many entrepreneurs, we want to put even greater focus on professional services, with the socio-legal component proving an important part of this. Often, this is not something entrepreneurs have the time to fully immerse themselves in. On top of that, Belgian legislation is quite complex in this regard. From that angle, it was a logical choice for us to further expand our services and bring in additional expertise. Nikolas Vandelanotte , CEO Vandelanotte
Nikolas Vandelanotte

At Lindra, there is already a great deal of enthusiasm. ‘We look forward to working with Vandelanotte. As a family-run business, they value personal contact and proactive service, something that is also incredibly important to us. By joining forces, we will be able to serve our customers even better, while at the same time offering our current employees a brighter future,’ states Karine Vandenplas.

Vandelanotte's acquisition of Lindra also represents somewhat of a geographic expansion, bringing with it their first offices in Leuven. ‘For us, being active in this location certainly makes for an exciting prospect. By spreading our offices geographically, we can ensure that our clients can visit us in their own neck of the woods, without needing to travel long distances. Over the coming years, this is something we will continue to focus on,’ concludes Nikolas Vandelanotte.