vandelanotte hosts leading edge alliance conference in times of global tax reforms

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28 February 2018

by Hannelore Durieu and Stephanie Vanmarcke

Vandelanotte hosts Leading Edge Alliance Conference in times of global tax reforms

Vandelanotte hosts Leading Edge Alliance Conference in times of global tax reforms

The world of taxation clearly never stands still. In addition to the current tax reforms in Belgium, significant fiscal shifts are also occurring across the globe. These reforms consequently constitute the theme that we will be discussing with our international colleagues at the European Leading Edge Alliance Conferencein Brussels this spring.

Countries are prepared to go to great lengths in the struggle to attract as many businesses as possible. The so-called 'race to the bottom' in terms of corporate taxation is an excellent example of this. Not so long ago, Belgium, together with France and the United States, topped the OECD with regards to highest company tax rates, with rates of 33.33 percent, 33.99 percent and 35 percent respectively. Although the base rate in Belgium will eventually drop to 25 percent, has already dropped to 21 percent in the US and, by 2022, will gradually drop to 25 percent in France, these global tariff reductions will also be accompanied by a number of compensatory measures.

But what is the precise impact of these tax changes and reforms on your corporate structure and international operations? Is this an opportunity to expand your activities abroad or to adjust your structure? Contact your account manager or one of our specialists to determine if you are sufficiently prepared.

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Hannelore Durieu

Stephanie Vanmarcke

Team Manager International

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