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Corporate audit

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The merger of Callens, Pirenne & Co with the audit department of Vandelanotte at the end of 2022 brought together more than 160 years of experience. Whether you are considering an acquisition, restructuring or merger. Or if banks, governments, investors or other partners want to be reassured by up-to-date figures or certified annual accounts before they will work with you, ... Callens Vandelanotte is the place to be. 


Callens Vandelanotte offers a comprehensive range of assurance services that furnish you with the necessary certainty about the reliability of (historical) financial and non-financial information. This primarily concerns supervisory director mandates and other potential attestation assignments. Our team of specialists deliver a customised written audit report per assignment, which corresponds directly to the reference framework and scope of the appointed work. In addition to assurance assignments, we also provide bespoke qualitative and multidisciplinary advice.

Legal obligations

The Belgian Company Code imposes audits for significant events, such as restructures, start-ups or capital increases due to contribution in kind, quasi-contributions, mergers, divisions and liquidations. Your Vandelanotte company auditor meticulously prepares the necessary reports in the aforementioned scenarios and thinks along with you regarding the broader framework of statutory assignments. We additionally boast the requisite knowledge and expertise for calculating trading loss following a fire.

Agreed upon procedures

As a valued Vandelanotte client, you may entrust a number of specific activities to your company auditor. The nature, scale and scope of such work is always agreed in mutual consultation, enabling us to deliver clear reports containing factual findings that are tailored to your organisation. In contrast to an assurance assignment, your company auditor will report exclusively on the findings, without expressing an opinion or conclusion.

IT Audit

Every organization (large or small) needs to sufficiently understand and control the IT risks. These risks may relate to information security, data privacy, but also to IT governance, risk management or project management. If IT risks are not adequately managed, they can have a negative impact on your organization’s profitability and reputation.

Our IT audit team can provide reasonable assurance on the efficiency, effectiveness and security of information systems. We can support your IT department or Internal Audit function by performing full audit assignments or by insourcing specific profiles with the necessary expertise.

Additional accreditations

Our firm is one of the few companies that isn’t one of the ‘big four’ in Belgium that has recognition from the National Bank of Belgium to audit payment and electronic money institutions. In addition, our firm also has recognition from the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) to audit investment, insurance and pension funds.

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In our opinions, we rely on current legislation, interpretations and legal doctrine. This does not prevent the administration from disputing them or from changing existing interpretations.

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