risk management

Risk Management

Risk management

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. However, successful entrepreneurship means taking calculated risks. To focus on your core business, namely expanding your company, with a clear mind, assistance in risk and prevention management is vital for you.

Insurance Audit

Insurance audits have more than proved their worth in a large variety of sectors. Regardless of whether it concerns a large or medium-sized business, subsidiary or management company, each and every activity comes with its own set of challenges and risks. We offer tailor-made support to both the public sector and NPOs in the procurement of insurance contracts, including the drawing up, comparison and drafting of the award report. Companies with international operations can also count on permanent co-ordination and supervisory support.

An insurance audit views the risks from an entirely fresh perspective and covers more than just insurance contracts. We invariably start with your company operations and corporate structure. Based on the existing risks, we fully map the current situation according to the requirements of your business. Our in-depth analysis provides a clear overview of the risks that require insuring and those that can be hedged or minimised. Contractual and preventive aspects both play a key role in this. The necessary clauses are subsequently added to the insurance contracts, ensuring that the general terms and conditions are free from surprises and you can continue working with complete peace of mind.


Risk Prevention

The Welfare Act obliges those with white-collar workers, blue-collar workers or, indeed, any other type of employees on their payroll, to identify potential employee risks and make use of an internal or external service for prevention and protection at work. How you do that exactly, depends on your sector, organisational structure and the applicable risks inherent to your operations.

The implementation of a company prevention policy is of critical importance. Our specialist team thoroughly examines your company operations from an independent perspective. We provide bespoke advice that actively facilitates the pooling of internal and external knowledge and practical experience, and guarantees a seamless implementation of the appropriate solution. And that pays dividends. We invariably start by creating a step-by-step plan, which is based on the global prevention plan. We also involve everyone in the company, which ensures excellent results in both the short and long term. The subsequent hands-on implementation of the legal framework and our extensive risk management activities delivers significant added value for your business and employees.

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