Company and association law

Ready to set up your own company or association? Our legal experts are here to advise you right from the very beginning. After all, over the course of your company's journey, things do sometimes change. In those moments, you'd rather be sure everything is fully taken care of. Has the time come to end your company? No problem, we will gladly handle the legal part for you.


First port of call for all your rights and obligations as business owner.

Founding your company 

When setting up your company, you can choose from a number of different legal forms. But which one is most suitable to you? Together, we ascertain this based on your personal situation. We then prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Association. We will also register your company with the CBE and social insurance fund, set up VAT and take care of UBO registration. You'll be good to go in no time!

Choosing the optimal corporate structure

Companies are subject to their economic context. In some cases, restructuring may be a good idea. Takeovers, mergers and de-mergers all then become ways of strengthening your company's market position. Every procedure has a number of advantages and disadvantages, as our specialists know better than anyone else. They are therefore happy to work with you to ensure the future of your business.

Corporate governance

As a business, you have to comply with a great many tax and legal formalities. Think drafting reports and minutes during meetings, alarm bell procedures, distribution tests in a BV, UBO obligations, etc. Struggling to see the wood for the trees? Rely on Vandelanotte for increased efficiency, transparency and control in running your business.

Alternative remuneration 

Want to pay yourself or your employees in an alternative manner? In that case, choose between stock options, profit shares or warrants. This is possible for all individuals directly or indirectly involved in the operation of the business. After analysing your payroll, we would be happy to give you more information on these tax-efficient options.

Dissolving or liquidating your business

When winding up a business, a number of important legal procedures once again apply. Our team has all the knowledge to help you choose the most appropriate procedure and apply it immediately. Together with the notary, the auditor and our team of tax specialists and accountants, we will dissolve or liquidate your business only in the right way possible. 

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