Acquiring, selling or leaving a business

Acquiring or selling your business is an important moment. And that makes sense, as in addition to the mental aspect, such a process also involves a great deal of complex legal questions. Are you looking to take over an existing business? Then it is important to thoroughly prepare. Our acquisition guidance aims to make this process as smooth as possible, from the initial negotiations to the final agreement itself.

The legal aspects of corporate finance

Acquisitions or sales agreements

Planning on leaving behind your company or shares? Then we usually start with a letter of intent containing the general principles for the acquisition, the price and any other applicable conditions. This is followed by due diligence, identifying any potential risks associated with the acquisition. The final arrangements are provided for in a final agreement, along with any liability for both parties.  

Are you the one looking to acquire a new company? Then you can also come to us for all preparations, negotiations and after care. Successful acquisitions are often based on having a clear strategy and a good understanding of your financial options. Thanks to our legal expertise, as well as our accounting, tax and auditing know-how, we are able to make a thorough analysis from all points of view.

Agreements around confidentiality and exclusivity

Any acquisition or sale often involves sharing sensitive information about clients, suppliers, production processes, etc. This information should therefore be protected or shielded as much as possible. The fact that negotiations regarding a possible acquisition are in progress may in itself prove sensitive. In the interests of smooth negotiations, we ensure that all discussions take place within a confidential framework.

Shared ownership businesses

When it comes to shared businesses, we recommend that you clearly define the division of roles within any shareholder agreement. Whether we are talking an operational merger or a joint venture, it is recommended that you lay down on paper any arrangements relating to the transferability of shares, shared company operations and its various bodies. By including how you plan to deal with any conflicts that should arise, any risk of conflict is immediately reduced. Such a win-win!