for franchisors

For franchisors

Your business is growing, and demand for what you offer is up. It sometimes seems like franchising might be the next step. Nevertheless, starting out as a franchisor isn't always straightforward. After all, how do you transfer your knowledge to your franchisees? Which formula best suits to your company? And what is it you need to take into consideration?


As a franchisor, you can rely on Vandelanotte for all your queries, whether national or international in nature. We jointly elaborate the right growth formula, and we explore what best fits in with you and your company. Our team is ready to hear any legal, tax or social-security questions. Expanding your business might be one thing, but guiding your members is something else altogether. That's why we promote both your interests, and those of your franchisees.

This is what Vandelanotte Franchising does for you:

  • We feedback proactively to you with specific suggestions for improvements. The better your franchisees perform, the faster your company grows.

  • We can benchmark your franchisees' activities, making monitoring your team of franchisees considerably easier.

  • We act as your sounding board and can anonymously share other franchisors' experiences with you.  The more experience, the more swiftly inefficiencies can be addressed.

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