for franchisees

For franchisees

Would you like to run a business, and be part of a successful network? If so, franchising might just be what you're looking for. This is because as a franchisee, you collaborate as a team toward the same goal. And that offers many of advantages. Anyone starting out as a franchisee often needs to make a number of important legal and tax decisions beforehand.


Whether this involves drawing up your financial plan or the actual start up, our experienced specialists are happy to help out. Would you like to know exactly where you're at? Our reporting means you receive immediate insight into your business. That's useful for both you, and for your franchisor. That way, you’re sure you’re headed in the right direction. If the time comes to expand, you can count on us.

Your advantages as a franchisee with Vandelanotte Franchising:

  • We optimise and digitise your entire accounting.

  • All your social security, legal and tax questions receive a tailored answer.

  • During interactive group sessions, we help you gain insight into topics useful to you as a franchisee, such as starting with staff and insuring against loss of income.

  • We summarise your financial and operational data into an expensive report, including advice on improvements.

  • As an external CFO, we help you realise your ambitions as a franchisee.

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