Is your company internationally active through a separate company or branch setup? If so, you create added value over borders with your company. And there are specific transfer pricing rules for those. Since the tax authority wishes to avoid the taxable basis shifting to other countries with a lower burden, the monitoring of these rules is only increasing.

Transfer pricing for your foreign subsidiaries

That means as a company, you need to be properly prepared, and you do so with a consistent approach. That means in each country, you can show you have complied with the transfer pricing rules. That way, you avoid financial headaches due to disputes or penalties. Not sure how to get started with this? At Vandelanotte, you can count on an approach entirely aligned with the scale and complexity of your company.

You can turn to us for, among other things:

  • working out a correct and optimum transfer pricing policy for your international group;

  • preparing for a possible audit;

  • the necessary documentation obligations;

  • analysing the applicable double-taxation treaties and corresponding consequences.

Still another query? Together with our international partners of the Leading Edge Alliance, we will be happy to look into it for you.