Doing business in Belgium

Welcome to Belgium! Our strategic position, good infrastructure and high-quality workforce mean our country has been one of Europe's most attractive investment regions for years now. If you'd also like to invest or do business in Belgium, be sure to find out everything you need to know about the local formalities, procedures and legislation. That way, you're well prepared for possible challenges. And that enhances your chances of success for you as a business. Ready for doing business in Belgium?

As locals, we guide you through all the paperwork without a hitch.

Trading in a new country is always tense. Our multidisciplinary team advises you when it comes to all your accounting, tax, legal and social security questions. When both starting out, and during the activities of your permanent establishment, branch or partnership in Belgium. Topics such as IFRS, VAT, transfer pricing, GDPR, international employment group-structure optimisation are just some of the points for attention our specialists can assist you with. What's more, we also guide you with your applications for subsidies, and when seeking out suitable staff.

VAT registration in Belgium

Foreign companies doing trade in Belgium are often confronted with VAT obligations including registration and periodically submitting VAT declarations. Both for European and non-European companies, Vandelanotte sees to VAT registration – if necessary, through liable representation – and promptly dealing with the periodic obligations.