What might seem obvious in Belgium is often not the case abroad, meaning it's important to prepare your international growth properly. For instance, should you set up an additional company? What social-security obligations apply and what are your obligations concerning the foreign tax authority? Since every country has its own rules, at Vandelanotte you'll find specialised regional desks with advice tailored to your company. Thanks to their extensive knowledge in the various regions and the collaboration with local partner through The Leading Edge, Vandelanotte who to turn to with all your cross-border queries. 

Doing business in France

Are you planning on crossing the French border, or are you already operating among there? Or are you a French company seeking to trade in Belgium? With Vandelanotte France, we also help you over national borders. Our team will be happy to help you find your way on the French (or Belgium) tax, accounting and socio-legal landscape. A bientôt!

Doing business in the Netherlands

Anyone from Belgium wishing to do business internationally will soon visit the Dutch market. And vice versa. However, although we speak the same language on paper, there are still a number of (socio)legal and tax differences. We'll be happy to clarify those. Because we're extremely familiar with the Belgian/Dutch context, just like you will be soon.

Doing business in Luxembourg

Luxembourg might be one of the smallest countries in the world, and for Belgian companies it's been an attractive region for years. Despite the small distance, there are in fact a great many differences when it comes to tax and social security. If you'd like to do business in Luxembourg, or would like to take your Luxembourg company to Belgian, get in touch with our regional specialists.

Doing business in the United Kingdom

The European rules applicable in the British region before Brexit in 2020 no longer apply. But what exactly has changed? What if you maintain stock in the UK, or post staff there? What if you have real estate or an account over the channel? And what if you're a British company seeking to invest in Belgium? Let's talk about it!

Doing business in the United States

Despite the great distance, the US remains one of our most cherished trading partners. However, before deciding to cross the ocean, you should first map everything out. This is because the US has very different legislation. Our regional specialists will be happy to immerse you in the American way of life. Are you a US-based company looking to do business in Belgium? If so, we'll be happy to be your host!

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