service agreement tax fee protection


Service agreement tax fee protection

Tax audits never come at the right time. They require a lot of preparation and assistance from advisors, and they can result in high fines. Vandelanotte therefore now offers you a service contract that protects you against the advisory fees associated with these audits.

The chance that you’ll ever get a tax audit as a selfemployed person or entrepreneur is quite high. The cost of this audit can be enormous. Not only do you run the risk of a high fine, but you also incur additional costs by calling in professional assistance.

The service agreement covers the fees and expenses of your accountant or tax advisor during a tax audit up to a maximum of €25,000 per year.

This exemption applies to any company or self-employed person who has signed a service agreement. As the director of the company concerned, you are also covered for the additional costs of professional assistance in the event of an audit of your personal tax return.

Interested in this service? Then contact your account manager today or mail to taxprotection@vdl.be!

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