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VAT deduction for company cars

Since 2013, the new rules on the VAT deduction for company cars have applied to all taxpayers. Whereas previously the VAT deduction was limited to 50% and VAT was then due on the amount of the benefit in kind, the VAT deduction is now immediately limited to the percentage of professional use. However, a maximum deduction of 50% remains applicable. To enable taxpayers to determine their professional use, 3 methods were allowed thanks to a number of VAT administration decisions.

With the tool below you can determine the method that offers the greatest deduction right in your specific case (per company car). Please note: the calculations apply specifically to company cars for which the employee or manager has not paid a personal contribution. The calculations also do not apply to light trucks that are subject to a different regime.
Total number of kilometres cannot be less than the total number of private kilometres.
Total number of private kilometres/year cannot be less than the total number of commuting kilometres.


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Method 1: registration of actual mileage
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Method 2: private kilometres = (commuting distance x 2 x 200) + 6,000 km
Method 3: 35% professional use
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