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Quickscan for GDPR

Europe is prioritising the protection of its citizens’ personal data. In 2018 it introduced a new privacy regulation (GDPR) to compel companies and those in liberal professions to take the necessary measures for greater protection of all personal or sensitive (medical) data belonging to their staff, customers, patients or other stakeholders whose data they process.

In the past few years, the Belgian Data Protection Authority has acted as a privacy regulator, actively checking that companies and those in liberal professions are truly implementing the necessary measures. Some companies have already received fines for their failure to comply with GDPR legislation.

We have designed a simple tool for you to check your compliance with the current GDPR measures. Mark the statements below as ‘True’ or ‘False’. If you answered ‘False’ to more than three statements, we recommend contacting your account manager or one of our experts at contact@vdl.be as soon as possible. They can offer you guidance on protecting important data.

Quickscan for GDPR

The management and staff of your company or organisation are aware of the new European legislation regarding the processing of personal data, in effect since May 25, 2018 (GDPR).

You are able to disclose any personal information you maintain about a staff member or customer contact to that person immediately, if so requested.

You can save that same personal information in a file to pass on to another company or organisation, if that person requests it.

There is a data registry that lists all the personal data that is kept, including which computer systems store that data and how that data is secured.

There is a fully developed IT security policy in your company.

No personal data is stored in the cloud.

No sensitive data of staff members is stored (e.g. medical data, orientation, political affiliation, union membership).

No emails are sent to prospects or customers.

You don't know who visited your website.

Your company does not have any foreign branches.

We have a team of specialists who closely monitor new legislation on a daily basis. If you would like more information on specific regulations in force, please contact us at contact@vdl.be.

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