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Quickscan for GDPR

Europe wants to thoroughly protect its citizens' data privacy. It therefore requires all companies and self-employed people to take the necessary measures by May 25, 2018 to better protect all personal data and, in particular, the sensitive (medical) data of their staff, customers or patients. The Privacy Commission in Belgium will therefore be transformed into a regulator and will send inspectors out to check whether companies are indeed taking the necessary measures. Companies in which sensitive data are being stolen and where no security policy is being pursued risk a hefty fine. This fine can amount to 4% of the turnover.

We've developed a tool for you to check whether you're well prepared for the upcoming GDPR measures. Below are a number of statements that you can answer with true or false. If you answer less than 7 questions as true, we advise you to contact your relationship manager as soon as possible. He will guide you further in protecting your important data. Data is the new gold, protecting it is our newest challenge.
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privacy policy
The management and staff of your company or organisation are aware of the new legislation on personal data that will be imposed by Europe from 25/05/2018 (GDPR).
You can immediately pass on all personal information that you keep on a staff member or customer contact if you are asked to do so.
You can store the same personal information in a file to pass on to another company or organisation if that person asks for it.
There is a data register in which all personal data that is kept up-to-date is mapped and where, among other things, it is stated on which computer systems that data is stored and how that data is protected.
There is a fully developed IT security policy in your company.
No personal data is stored in the cloud.
No sensitive personnel data is stored (medical data, orientation, political preference, member of a trade union, etc.)
No e-mails are sent to prospects or customers.
You do not know who visited your website.
You have no branches in other countries.
Please answer all questions.


Urgent action is required.
There is still work to be done to be compliant with the GDPR.
You are ready for the GDPR.
Vandelanotte and its staff have devoted the necessary care and attention to the development of these tools. This tool therefore provides the most complete and up-to-date result. Despite all efforts in designing the calculation programmes, Vandelanotte cannot guarantee their completeness and accuracy. The use of these tools is at your own responsibility and risk.