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As an entrepreneur or business owner, it is not always easy to keep track of your figures and results. Processing invoices, payroll, and client administration also takes up a lot of valuable time. Sounds familiar? Discover how myVandelanotte can assist you!

All your important company info in one place

With myVandelanotte, you digitalize the accounting of your company and consolidate many other essential functions in one convenient place. Think of it as the right hand that allows you to work faster and more efficiently. Whether you're self-employed, an SME, or a large company, depending on the tasks you want to outsource, you can keep control and only use the tools you truly need.

With myVandelanotte, you not only have access to your accounting documents, but you can also easily consult your personnel data, client administration, legal paperwork... It is both an archive and an interactive database. In short: the ideal starting point for managing your business and making important decisions.

For whom?

I do my own bookkeeping

I do my own bookkeeping

If you are self-employed and handle your own bookkeeping, myVandelanotte can still serve as your company's central data hub. By inputting your invoices through myVandelanotte, you'll always have a convenient overview of your payments and current financial figures.

If you require assistance with tasks such as VAT returns, annual accounts, or profit calculations, our accountants are available to help you!

I have an in-house finance department

I have an in-house finance department

Are you head of a larger company with an own finance department? If so, with myVandelanotte you have access to all the tools and software you need to successfully manage your accounting and financial processing.

You can also rely on us if you have any questions or if someone from your team is temporarily absent. Thanks to myVandelanotte, we can consult your data and effortlessly provide support.

I want to outsource everything

I want to outsource everything

Carefree entrepreneurship and having more time for your core business is something we encourage 100%. We are happy to take care of all your company's accounting and tax matters.

From processing incoming and outgoing invoices to filing the annual accounts, we never miss a deadline. Of course, you can always check your financial status in myVandelanotte.

The advantages of myVandelanotte

Digital accounting

With myVandelanotte, you get access to an online and real-time platform for managing your accounting records and documents. Send us your invoices on a regular basis and check your daily financial status. All those binders full of paperwork? Gone!

Insight into your results

Our reporting tool gives you insight into the operating results of closed accounting periods. This information allows you to make strategic decisions fully tailored to your personal growth ambitions, based on the figures that matter.

Handy payment module

Manage all your payments with ease via myVandelanotte’s integrated payment module. You get an overview of invoices due, making sure you never lose track. Thanks to smart pre-populated information, you can also save a great amount of time.

Accessible everywhere

With myVandelanotte, you can access important documents and company data anywhere, anytime. The only thing you need is an Internet connection, so you are no longer bound by a physical location or office hours.

Professional templates

Looking for templates to draw up contracts? This is also possible within myVandelanotte. Download the right template and fill in the necessary details: in just a few clicks you can create professional price offers, invoices, legal and HR documents.

Payroll assistant

Consult and process all personnel data in myVandelanotte to complete the monthly payroll.

Useful links

The platform will keep you up to date with all your obligations and legislative changes. You will find direct links to our articles and useful documents, such as an overview of deductible professional expenses.

Support and tailor-made assistance

myVandelanotte gives you maximum flexibility and freedom of choice. You can always choose to activate more or less functionalities. Whether you want to control everything yourself or be completely unburdened by our experts, we respect your needs and provide assistance where necessary.

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