tax optimisations


Tax optimisations

As an accounting and audit firm that can count on in-depth knowledge from a wide range of different domains, our focus is on an integrated approach. Certain tax decisions can impact on legal or socio-legal matters, and vice versa. We always take these consequences into account with the advice we provide, and when implementing that advice in your company.

Improving the balance sheet is what we aim for.

The tax world and its regulations change every year. We are ready to interpret those regulations for you, converting these into specific steps. We don't need to labour this point: you expect us to help you pay as little tax as possible. We do that, although within the existing legislative framework Moreover, we can also eliminate concerns when it comes to tax formalities, such as contacting the tax authority and setting up all the necessary documentation.

Corporation tax

There are various options in a company for achieving tax optimisation. By regularly analysing your company's figures, we can perform estimates and advice on specific topics.

Personal income tax

As a company, you can not only optimise your corporation tax. It's also worth examining your personal income tax. We assist you with advice on:

  • Personal income tax return

  • Royalties

  • Sole trader or partnership

  • Tax co-parenthood

  • Investment tax law

  • Bitcoins

  • Tax on stock market transactions

  • Property tax

  • Withholding tax

  • Tax reductions for tax shelter for company starting

  • etc.


VAT advice encompasses more than simply applying the correct VAT rate. What could we do for you? More than you think! If you come into contact with the following matters, why not contact one of our specialists for identifying options for VAT optimisation.

  • Invoice notifications

  • Mixed VAT obligation

  • VAT reduction and exemptions

  • VAT entity

  • Special VAT transactions

  • Independent groupings

  • VAT screenings

  • Recovering duties professional diesel

Registration rights/tax

Legislation on registration rights is constantly on the move. This is due among other things to this authority being spread over three governments. We closely follow the changes, meaning we can assist from the best position in the case of events such as purchasing real estate, donations, and transfer (family) partnership.


Do you want your group structure to undergo an examination? Or has your company already been involved in a merger, split or takeover? Processes such as these entail a great many tax consequences. It's a relief when you can count on a reliable partner who provides you with input and points out all the obligations and risks.

Property tax 

Property can be acquired in a number of ways. Property can be acquired privately and/or through a company. Together with you, we will consider the most appropriate way of acquiring your property from various angles, including matrimonial property law, tax and financial.


Innovation is an extremely important and long-term project. In the different phases, from the creation and development to the final phase, we can provide you with fiscal support in order to benefit from the tax deductions (innovation deduction, investment deduction, etc.) allowed by law.

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