One-man businesses

One-man businesses

Starting a sole proprietorship

Keen to get started as a self-employed business owner? Want to set up a sole proprietorship, but are unsure of which steps to take? Those wishing to start work on a freelance basis must take a number of important legal, financial and accounting considerations into account. Such considerations tend to be unfamiliar territory for budding entrepreneurs. Fortunately, Vandelanotte is on hand to provide sole proprietors the professional support they require when starting their own business. We can assist in the creation of your financial plan for example, and offer investment advice or guidance on the necessary permits and establishment requirements. We can also help with your registration in the central database for enterprises, the activation of your VAT number, your affiliation with a social insurance fund and the relevant insurances. Start-ups are in safe hands at Vandelanotte – indeed, our specialist team boasts the requisite tools and expertise to get your business off to a flying start.

Growing your sole proprietorship

Vandelanotte provides a wide range of professional services which ensure that your accounting is consistently up to date and your tax obligations have been correctly observed. Yet our mission goes way beyond mere administrative support. Our team of specialists also work with you to proactively monitor the evolution of your business, enabling us to provide tailor-made advice. Which type of investments are of interest to your business for example? Is your sole proprietorship still the most suitable form of enterprise or should you be taking the next step to form a company? And how can we amend your tax and social security accordingly? We additionally assist in finding a healthy financial balance between your sole proprietorship and private expenses.

Terminating or transferring your sole proprietorship

You have decided to terminate your sole proprietorship. As with its start-up, the cessation of your business comes with a number of fiscal and legal implications. Vandelanotte not only assists with the necessary cessation formalities; we also work with you to determine the optimal moment for terminating your sole proprietorship. Ceasing to be self-employed does not necessarily imply the termination of your business and our team will therefore additionally assist in the transfer of your business to the next generation or a third party if desired. With Vandelanotte, you are certainly in safe hands; from the very launch of your business operation, right up until its cessation.

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