disputes, audits and procedures

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Disputes, audits and procedures

As a business owner and taxpayer, you are more than likely familiar with the tax authorities. Having a clear set of accounts is the first step in reducing your tax liability, as well as reducing the likelihood of being audited. However, it is never a foregone conclusion that you won't ever be asked about your VAT or some other tax/legal matter.

We are here to defend your interests.

Don't panic, there is no immediate danger of matters going to court. There are other methods for reaching an agreement with the tax authorities without the need for litigation. In such cases, it is more than advisable to seek assistance from professionals who know your situation inside out, as well as having extensive experience in conducting such negotiations. Professional and experienced – that's us to a tee. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge in tax affairs, we are able to guide you from start to finish on the issues listed below.

Applications for Advance Tax Rulings

Taxation is often about assessing factual situations, which can sometimes create uncertainty. Taxpayers can anticipate this by applying for an advance decision from the tax authorities, also known as an Advance Tax Ruling, providing them with greater legal certainty. We ask the tax authorities to take a position on the application of tax laws to a particular situation or transaction. An Advance Tax Ruling is valid for five years, thereby removing any doubt for the taxpayer. Not sure how to submit such a request? We’ve got you covered!

Tax audits

 The purpose of a tax audit is to establish whether any breaches have been committed. This can be quite a source of stress and expense, especially if any irregularities are found. Even if you believe that you have reported everything correctly, the tax authorities may take a different view on this. Have you received an amendment, objection or correction notice, or even an official report? In your defence, it is important to follow proper procedure and formulate objections that are legally sound. We take care of communicating with the tax authorities on your behalf, engaging in negotiations where necessary.

Negotiations with the tax authorities

To avoid any need for legal proceedings, it may be necessary to consult with the competent tax authority. These may involve the local auditing services, but equally the Special Tax Inspectorate (STI), the Tax Conciliation Department or the Flemish Tax Authority. As a facilitator, we review the positions of both the tax authorities and you as a taxpayer. The aim of these negotiations is to reach a point of mutual understanding, with a solution that will satisfy both parties.