Establishing your own company

Decided to set up your own company, but don’t know what steps are required? Then you have definitely come to the right place! Our dedicated team of specialists boasts a wealth of experience and will gladly support you in making all the right decisions, right from the very outset. We begin by jointly examining your specific needs and requirements during a kick-off meeting, enabling us to deliver truly tailor-made advice. Which company form should you choose for example? Have you checked whether or not your desired company name is already in use? And how do you go about creating a financial plan? We additionally help in the drafting of Articles of Association and marketing rights, and the correct definition of your corporate objective. Finally, self-employed professionals must also consider a number of important social aspects, such as indemnifying your private assets, arranging affiliation with the Social Security Treasury and setting your desired salary. Vandelanotte provides expert assistance with all these formalities. And our years of experience helps you to realise your dreams, regardless the size of your business.

Growing your company

As an experienced company manager, you will have undoubtedly faced choppy waters. This inevitably results in fresh needs and requirements. Which is why Vandelanotte continuously assesses your company’s eligibility for certain grants and expertly guides you through their subsequent application. And a growing company typically goes hand-in-hand with an expanding workforce. Our social experts actively assist in the recruitment of new staff and the development of an appropriate salary structure. You can also turn to us for the set-up or optimisation of your reporting systems, the optimisation of your fiscal results, and guidance with potential expansions, future visions or reorganisations. Lastly, our team of specialists will support you in the creation of a personal financial plan, enabling you to maintain the same standard of living in the event of a cessation.

Transferring ownership of your company

Planning to transfer your business to a new owner? A (familial) transfer requires a considerable amount of work and you will need to be sufficiently prepared. Our specialist team boasts the requisite knowledge and expertise to support you throughout this particular type of assignment. An accurate company valuation is the first key step. You can subsequently consider what you wish to do with your business. Do you intend selling it to a third party for example? In this scenario, we prepare you and your shareholders for future discussions with potential buyers. Prefer to leave your company to your children? Then it is essential that you conduct the necessary conversations beforehand. Are your children genuinely interested in assuming ownership? And what are your personal priorities? We ensure that everyone is satisfied with the outcome of the transfer, enabling you to enjoy complete peace of mind at a financial, fiscal and relational level.

Terminating your company

You have decided to terminate your company, which has numerous tax and legal implications. Together, we examine which company law steps are required to terminate your business. If you employ staff for example, then we assist in making the necessary preparations for their notice period. We also estimate any potential liabilities, determine which taxes you owe and investigate the most efficient way of paying these. With our dedicated team of specialists on board, the termination of your business is in extremely safe hands.