21 December 2023

The legal minimum wage in France from 1 January 2024

by Elise Thijs and Elise Vanhamme

As usual, the statutory minimum wage will also be indexed to the cost of living in 2024.

The new amount

From 1 January 2024, the absolute legal minimum wage will rise to €11.65 gross per hour. This is an increase of 1.13% compared to the amount applicable from May 2023. As a result, anyone working 35 hours a week will have to receive a gross monthly wage of at least EUR 1,766.96, unless the company's collective agreement provides for a higher minimum.

Of course, this increase only applies to employees whose wages are at the legal minimum. French legislation does not automatically require an adjustment of wages above this amount. In fact, automatic wage indexation in the employment contract is prohibited.


This increase in the minimum wage applies not only if you have employees on your payroll in France, but also if you send employees to France on a temporary basis to perform a specific task. Wages are one of the mandatory provisions of French labour law. This means that any employee working in France is entitled to at least this hourly wage, regardless of the terms of his or her employment contract. Obviously, this rule cannot lead to a reduction in the person's salary.

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