the statutory minimum wage in france: new update may 2023

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20 April 2023

by Elise Vanhamme

The statutory minimum wage in France: new update May 2023

In a previous article, we explored in greater detail the statutory minimum wage in France and its indexing. As this explained, the statutory minimum wage is usually adjusted on 1 January to the cost of living; although if the price index has risen more than 2% over the previous year, this minimum wage is likewise adjusted.

The statutory minimum wage in France: new update May 2023

Inflation in May 2023

The statutory minimum wage is normally assessed by the government at the end of each calendar year, in order to be adjusted from 1 January of the following year. However, if the price index rises by more than 2% over the current year, the minimum wage is also adjusted.

This was the case up to three times last years, meaning there was an interim adjustment in May, August and October 2022.

Although the price increase was expected to level off over the course of 2023, and an adjustment would only happen in June, the indexing is set to occur more slowly than expected.

The statutory minimum wage in May 2023

A 2.19 % increase in the consumer price index has now been established in the period from November 2022 to March 2023, meaning the absolute statutory minimum wage will once again rise in the interim. From 1 May 2023, the statutory minimum wage will amount to € 11.52 gross an hour. Consequently, someone working 35 hours a week should receive a gross wage of at least € 1,747.20 on a monthly basis, provided the collective bargaining agreement within the company does not provide for a higher minimum.

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