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Thanks to myVandelanotte,
monitoring and managing your
business has never been so easy.

What is myVandelanotte?

Running your own business is extremely involved. Processing and paying invoices, meeting tax deadlines and responding to customers takes up a huge amount of time. myVandelanotte makes that a thing of the past.

Our digital enterprise platform enables you to rapidly process your accounting, instantly pay your invoices, effortlessly manage your own customer portfolio and monitor your operating results live. And you can better focus on the growth of your business as a result. Ready for the future?

The benefits at a glance.

Digitise your accounting

myVandelanotte provides you with access to an online, real-time accounting platform. Send us your invoices on a regular basis and our accountants will gladly do the rest. Check your daily financial status and have your figures quite literally at your fingertips.

Gain insight into your operating results

myVandelanotte Reporting furnishes you with clear reports that provide valuable insight into your results for the closed accounting period(s). Your revenue, gross margin, cost evolutions and working capital requirements are swiftly made visible as a consequence. Facilitate strategic decision making based on today’s figures.

Readily manage your payments

Our integrated payment module enables you to instantly view your due invoices. myVandelanotte automatically enters all the requisite information on your behalf, thus you need no longer enter bank account numbers or structured messages yourself.

Store documents in an online archive

Thanks to myVandelanotte, you need no longer search endlessly for paper documents. Simply upload your documents to our secure business platform and browse them online, anytime, anywhere. Naturally, the confidentiality of your data is always respected and your documents are never shared with third parties.

Expedite the creation of legal documents

Need to quickly draw up an agreement or searching for the correct power of attorney? You can download the appropriate document via myVandelanotte, simply by filling in your details. This way you can be certain that you always have the correct legal documents to hand.

Effortlessly manage your customer portfolio

DOur latest development allows you to better structure your administration. Create professional quotations and invoices, manage customers and prospective clients, monitor payments and send reminders with just a few clicks.

They already jumped on the digital bandwagon

From now on I can regularly check my figures and react faster, while in the past I always had to wait for the discussion of my quarterly results. Highly recommended! Bart Serry NV Sermado
Our weakest point has always been our administration. Now the processing of our incoming invoices is completely digital. Soon we will even be paying the outstanding invoices with myVandelanotte, which saves a lot of time! Stephan Destrooper bvba Stephan Destrooper
In one word: fantastic! It is the kind of progress I have been looking for for a long time! Stephan Dubois bvba Audicare
Since I switched to the digital accounting of myVandelanotte this year, I finally do not have thick folders in my filing cabinet. With a clear dashboard, I always keep my turnover and costs up-to-date. I easily drag my incoming and outgoing invoices into my myVandelanotte screen and I can add comments quickly. For me this is an incredible time gain. I can strongly recommend myVandelanotte. It has simplified my administration incredibly. Christine Reijnders Start2BU
We made the shift to Vandelanotte at the right time. Remote accounting wouldn't have been possible otherwise. Atlantic Engineering
The payment module in myVandelanotte is really an added value for me. I used to forget to pay an invoice, resulting in reminders and fines. That is now a thing of the past. Filip Lietaer Bel-Confect
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