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Our values


As a family business, we believe it is important to be close to our clients. Only by listening and fully understanding the client's situation can we ensure improvements in their professional and/or personal life.

We also believe in good relationships between colleagues. After all, the ideal job is one where you feel accepted and supported. Not only do we give our colleagues a warm welcome when they join us, we also make them feel at home. Fun events, honest conversations and fair pay? Check!


Creativity in our sector? It is possible! Within the legal framework, our experts prove every day that there is an answer to every question and a solution to every problem. And yes, sometimes we have to think outside the box.

We challenge each other and our clients to break new ground in the quest for greater efficiency. We see new trends and tools not as a threat, but as an aid. This approach keeps us one step ahead of market changes and of the competition!


The Vandelanotte story is one of growth. Where Roger Vandelanotte ran the office single-handedly 75 years ago, we now have more than 600 colleagues. And we are proud of that!

Internal seminars and external training courses give our colleagues the opportunity to develop their interests and talents. And that only improves the service we provide to our clients. For us, the ultimate form of growth is achieving your ambitions together.