Medical professionals

by Griet Pelgrims

Medical sector

Active in the medical sector? Then take advantage of the professional guidance offered by the specialists at Vandelanotte Medici. The medical sector is certainly familiar territory for our dedicated team, which encompasses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. We gladly assist (family) doctors, veterinarians, specialists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in navigating the legal and fiscal maze of the healthcare sector.

Vandelanotte Medici

Planning to start your own practice? Running your own practice involves much more than simply treating your patients. Vandelanotte Medici is invariably on hand to offer tailor-made advice and help you make the right strategic decisions.

Running a private practice typically involves a considerable amount of administration. Clear information about administrative decisions makes this work significantly lighter for both novice and experienced healthcare provider alike. The expansion of your practice or company also demands the requisite knowledge and experience. In recent years, we have been observed that doctors and paramedics increasingly work together in associations - a tendency that will undoubtedly influence your way of working. It is therefore extremely important to sufficiently inform yourself about the potential associations and additional benefits in advance. 

Regardless of whether you are just starting out, planning to expand your practice or wishing to optimise your personal and company income from a tax perspective, Vandelanotte Medici will remain a valuable sounding board throughout your career. What you are to the health of your patients, Vandelanotte Medici is to the well-being of your business.