Real estate

Real estate financing

The financial approach to your real estate project

A real estate project runs over a number of years. That might mean additional pressure on your company's financial health. This is why it is recommended to conduct a thorough cash planning based on the financial plan at the outset. It is important to adjust this, should changes arise over the course of the project. For instance, if a shortfall crops up, you can then intervene in time and seek out additional financing. If things are going more smoothly than expected, it might be time for a next project sooner than expected (and additional returns).

Would you like to know how to approach your real estate project as best as possible financially? There are a whole host of options such as bank credit, real estate leasing, loans and incomes from other companies or private individuals, issuing bonds or real estate certificates... Or contributions from other companies. Together with you, we seek out the best solution for your project.