Associations and non-profit organisations

Active in the non-profit sector? Then you will undoubtedly face a mountain of tax and legal challenges. Associations tend to be small or large companies and must therefore be run on professional basis.

Vandelanotte provides small and large non-profit organisations (including care centres, school communities, cultural organisations and local authorities) expert multidisciplinary guidance tailored to the organisation. Our team of experienced specialists actively monitors non-profit legislation on your behalf, allowing you to continue your work with complete peace of mind.

Our dedicated specialists gladly assist with the processing of your accounts and interpretation of your figures, taking full account of key sector-specific requirements and legal obligations, such as the VIPA grant or patrimonial and legal entities tax declarations. Those facing legal or fiscal issues can also contact our experts for a bespoke solution. How can you achieve the optimal set-up, day-to-day operation or restructure of your organisation for example? And what are the resulting tax implications?

Finally, our auditors hold the mandate of a member of the Supervisory Board in many large associations. They have accrued a wealth of experience in financial auditing and can therefore perform this confidential role with extreme attention to detail and exceptional precision. Leaving you and your directors and volunteers to focus on what is really important: social entrepreneurship.

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In our opinions, we rely on current legislation, interpretations and legal doctrine. This does not prevent the administration from disputing them or from changing existing interpretations.

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