investing in real estate

Real estate

Investing in real estate

Are you soon planning to invest in real estate, but don't really know what that entails? Whether this involves a new shop for your business, an office where your team can collaborate or a home for your family, you are advised to be properly informed. This is because project developments and investments in real estate are often associated with complex challenges.

Advice tailored to your real estate project

It is essential to properly consider your options and to make the right decisions at an early stage. That way, you guarantee your returns in the future to the maximum. Real estate can, for instance, be purchased privately or with the company. From this 360o approach, we take the legal, tax and financial impact into account. This is because a good tax-related choice can have repercussions on subsidy options, and well-considered legal advice can in turn have an undesired tax impact. This is why we always examine your investment from each perspective. That way, you’re sure that you made the right decision.

What questions can we help you with?

Our specialised legal and tax experts will be happy to answer all kinds of important questions:

  • How do I structure and finance projects?

  • How do we link our financial forecast to the accounting (cash planning)?

  • Is the Breyne law applicable?

  • Does a lowered VAT rate apply?

  • Which subsidies can I count on?

  • Should I opt for an asset deal or share deal?

  • If the existing structure futureproof within changing tax legislation?

  • What collaboration agreement is possible with investors and partners?