I want an overview of my assets

The first step towards asset planning is to prepare a detailed overview of your assets, along with a corresponding valuation. How are your fixed and movable assets structured? What falls under equity or joint assets? Has there been any commingling of assets? We will also help identify your heirs, while complex situations such as newly formed families must be taken into account.

Based on this analysis of assets, we can then simulate any inheritance tax payable upon your passing, with due consideration given to whether any favourable rates apply (e.g. for family partnerships). After that, we will explore how to alleviate any succession burden. However, it's not just the tax aspect that matters. Your personal requirements are also taken into account. Ensure greater optimisation with a tailor-made marriage contract or the drawing up of a well-thought-out will.

I want to transfer my assets but retain control

If you already want to go a step further and transfer part of your assets to the next generation, we can also provide different solutions according to your wishes. Want to retain some control or income? Want to attach certain conditions to your bequest? Do you want to already include your grandchildren in this story? Then you can opt for a notarised or a private deed of bequest. Establishing a partnership is another option to maintain a certain degree of control, one that we can also fully customise to suit your needs.

Family charter

Once the technical elaboration is complete, attention is devoted to the aftercare or creation of the family charter. This charter can be seen as a set of rules and agreements that are endorsed by the family members concerned and lead the future cooperation in the right direction.