how to work from home in an international, post-covid context

07 June 2022

by Eline Demeyere and Hannelore Durieu

How to work from home in an international, post-Covid context

Belgium’s temporary Covid-19 arrangements with the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg will come to an end on 30 June 2022. However, teleworking will continue to play a crucial role even after the pandemic. In an international context, this has implications for both employers and employees, and not just in relation to neighbouring countries.

Our checklist for post-Covid teleworking

Use this checklist to ensure you are properly prepared for teleworking post-Covid.

Telework checklist

  • Number of teleworking days per week?
  • Social security implications?
  • Shift in tax obligations between employer/employee?
  • Appropriate employment contract? Mandatory labour law provisions in host country?
  • Financial impact?
  • Obligation to run a ‘shadow payroll’ in the host country?
  • Wage component taxation in the two countries involved?
  • Teleworking policy?

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