transfer pricing increasingly important: nico demeyere joins our team

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Transfer pricing increasingly important: Nico Demeyere joins our team

Nico Demeyere commenced working at Vandelanotte when the coronavirus epidemic was in full swing. Whilst a visit to the office or a chat with colleagues was therefore out of the question, this didn’t hold him back. Nico certainly doesn’t hang around. He got stuck straight into a variety of files and began actively collaborating with his colleagues from the comfort of his own living room. "Fortunately, I was able to participate in regular video calls," says Nico. "This presented an opportunity to consult with my new colleagues and get better acquainted with them." He didn’t get to meet them in person, however, until his first visit to the office in early May. "This was extremely beneficial - learning what makes a team tick isn’t easy when working remotely. Fortunately, there was an instant click."

Nico Demeyere - Vandelanotte

Experienced professional

Tax lawyer, Nico Demeyere, has built an impressive career in corporate tax and transfer pricing over the past twenty years. In 2005, after five successful years at PWC, he joined Tiberghien, where he principally worked on international taxation. In 2019, however, Nico felt that it was time to combine his passion for defence and space travel with his job. He decided to establish his own firm. He didn’t intend leaving the world of taxation behind entirely, thus a part-time position at Vandelanotte was the obvious choice. “By working part-time at Vandelanotte, I can now harness my many years of experience in transfer pricing to support their clients,” explains Nico.

An obvious choice

The decision to join Vandelanotte wasn’t entirely coincidental. Indeed, Nico had collaborated on the occasional case in the past and had also crossed paths more recently. Nikolas Vandelanotte and Nico Demeyere eventually got talking at a reception, which started the ball rolling. Several conversations later and it was clear that Nico could add genuine value to Vandelanotte's transfer pricing team. As an expert in the field, he understands better than anyone the importance of ensuring that transactions between the various entities of international corporations are fiscally accurate and correct.

Yet, there was another reason why Vandelanotte stood out. "In contrast to the Big Four (a term used to describe the four largest professional accountancy and advisory firms in the world, ed.), Vandelanotte primarily supports major international SMEs whose decision-making centres are still located in the regions themselves. This benefits our local economy, which receives a powerful boost as a consequence," says Nico.

Vandelanotte was familiar territory. Nico Demeyere

Vandelanotte's practical and pragmatic approach also instantly appealed. "The company boasts a huge amount of expertise in various fields. This cohesion facilitates efficient working practices - clients needn’t introduce themselves, because we’re already familiar with them." The fact that Vandelanotte is a family business was another plus for Nico. "That strategic thinking and the connection with like-minded clients are extremely important. Ill-thought-through ‘quick wins’ tend to lead to debate, evaporating any initial profit. There’s definitely no place for the usual 'tricks of the trade’ at Vandelanotte," laughs Nico.

Enhanced focus on transfer pricing

That transfer pricing is increasingly important is demonstrated by the sheer volume of requests. "When you consider international developments and the fact that tax authorities are exchanging an increasing amount of data, then you’d best be thoroughly prepared," says Nico. "Tax authorities each want an ever-increasing slice of the pie for their country, and that’s reflected in the tax system."

Musical sharpshooter

In his spare time Nico can largely be found at music concerts and festivals. "I’ve been passionate about music from a young age. I play piano and often tinkered on the church organ when I was younger. I also attended jazz academy for many years, so music is a huge part of my life." Nico has additionally practiced target shooting for twenty-two years, and participated in the national championships for six years. "I once trained with Olympic marksman, Lionel Cox, which is something that I won’t forget in a hurry."

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