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OPGELET! Omwille van werken is onze parking in Kortrijk vanaf 11 september 2017 onbereikbaar. Parkeren kan op de gereserveerde plaatsen aan de ingang van het Ibis Hotel. Onze excuses voor het ongemak.
Real-time and online accounting?
With myVandelanotte you can keep
permanently up to date.

What is myVandelanotte?

Managing a successful business involves dealing with a lot of paperwork: keeping track of invoices, paying bills, tax deadlines, etc. At the end of the day, accounting is very time-consuming. What if you could spend that time on your core business, the driver behind your turnover and growth? Vandelanotte has been working on digitalisation for years and is now making it possible for you.

With myVandelanotte, you, as an entrepreneur, can also benefit from our professional services via your own online portal. All you need to do is provide us with your records at regular intervals and our accountants will do the rest. This allows you to check your current financial position, any time, any place, for a fixed monthly price. Real-time and online accounting has never been so easy.

However, the portal is more than a full set of accounts. For you as the entrepreneur, this is the perfect tool to make decisions based on accurate and real-time figures whereas for us, as the accountant, it is the ideal way to provide (proactive) tailored advice.

The benefits at a glance.

Ongoing insight into the figures

Thanks to myVandelanotte, waiting for periodic reporting or year endings is a thing of the past. From now on, you have access to a daily update of your figures in your personal portal. Not only liquidity, but also money owed by customers and the cost structure are quick and easy to find in your dashboard and in your reports.

This allows you to easily make strategic decisions, based on the actual figures and not only based on past experience. This is a huge benefit in the ever-changing market of today.

Integrated payment module

Thanks to our payment module, you can see all your outstanding invoices at-a-glance. Say goodbye to entering bank account numbers or recurring information. All relevant data will be immediately entered for you. This will save you so much time - time that you, as business manager, can invest in what really matters: your core business.

Proactive debt management

Previous Graydon studies show that more than 25% of all bankruptcies are caused by bad payers. Systematically following up outstanding invoices is therefore of crucial importance. However, not every entrepreneur has enough time or staff to do this.

With myVandelanotte Collections, we will actively follow up your outstanding invoices. This way, you will not only improve cash flow and the financial health of your company, but you can also detect problem customer faster. As a result, there will be more cash available for investing in the continued growth of your business.

Fully digital archive

Looking for a document? From now on, you no longer need to search endlessly through your paper documents. Everything will be archived by us in a structured way and will be available online at all times.

All data and documents are also stored on our own secure servers. The confidentiality of your data is always respected and information is never shared with third parties.

Fixed price per month

With myVandelanotte you choose the options that you need. You create your own customised package, eliminating any surprises in the future. So you know in advance exactly how much you will pay each month for keeping your accounts.

These people have already joined the digital bandwagon

“I can now regularly check my figures and react quicker to them, whereas before I always had to wait for the review of my quarter results. Recommended!”

Bart Serry NV De Stalen Greep

“Our weakest point was always our administration. Now the processing of our incoming invoices is fully digital. Soon we will even pay our outstanding invoices via myVandelanotte, saving ourselves lots of time!”

Stephan Destrooper bvba Stephan Destrooper

“In one word: fantastic! An improvement I have been really looking for!”

Stephan Dubois bvba Audicare

“Na één jaar myVandelanotte te gebruiken, is onze tevredenheid groot. Maandelijks bespreken we samen de cijfers van de voorbije maand en dat met zo weinig mogelijk mailverkeer. Iets wat enkel en alleen mogelijk is door het gebruik van myVandelanotte en de doordachtheid, transparantie en correcte samenwerking met Vandelanotte. Naar mijn mening uniek in Vlaanderen!”

Leopold Driessens Verripa

“Sinds ik dit jaar ben overgeschakeld op de digitale boekhouding van myVandelanotte, heb ik eindelijk geen dikke mappen meer in mijn archiefkast. Met een overzichtelijk dashboard zie ik mijn omzet en kosten altijd up-to-date. Mijn inkomende en uitgaande facturen sleep ik eenvoudig in mijn myVandelanotte-scherm en ik kan er snel opmerkingen aan toevoegen. Voor mij is dit een ongelooflijke tijdswinst. Ik kan myVandelanotte dan ook sterk aanbevelen. Het heeft mijn administratie ongelooflijk vereenvoudigd.”

Christine Reijnders Start2BU

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