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22 July 2023

Group insurance: special contribution of 8.86%

by Marie-Laure Dekeyzer

Group insurance for employees is a common fringe benefit. The benefit is not taxed and employees do not have to pay social security contributions on it. However, the employer must pay a special contribution of 8.86% to the NSSO. The collection of this contribution is not automatic (unless the supplementary pension is regulated at sectoral level).

Do employees in your company have group insurance as an extra-legal benefit?

 If so, please provide us with an overview of the contributions paid so that we can calculate and declare the 8.86% contribution on time. This contribution must be paid by the last day of the month following the quarter in question. More information about this contribution can always be found on the NSSO website under 'Special Contributions'. We can only calculate the necessary NSSO if we receive the correct amounts on time.

Are you insured with Le Doux & Mortelmans?

Have you taken out your group insurance with Le Doux & Mortelmans? Then you have nothing to worry about! Our partner Le Doux & Mortelmans provides Vandelanotte with all the necessary information on a quarterly basis.

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