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Apply now for the next part of the New Flemish Protection Mechanism
News 4th of January 2021
The Flemish Protection Mechanism (Nieuw Vlaams Beschermingsmechanisme), the VLAIO premium for entrepreneurs who experienced loss of turnover in the months of August and September 2020, was followed by the first part of the New Flemish Protection Mechanism, for entrepreneurs with significant loss of turnover and hospitality businesses subject to mandatory closure. From 4 January 2021, you can also apply for the next part of the Flemish Protection Mechanism. This part concerns the period from 15 November through 31 December 2020. read more ...
Brexit: organise your future employment now
News 2nd of December 2020
On 1 January 2021, Brexit will bring the free movement of people between the EU and the United Kingdom to an end. From this date, Belgians moving to the UK or UK citizens moving to Belgium will be treated as third-country nationals. What does this mean for European nationals who are currently working in the UK, or British workers in our country? What are the specific requirements for employment in another country? We found out for you. read more ...
NSSO launches compensation for social security contributions
News 27th of November 2020
The government has created a compensation scheme for social security contributions over the third quarter as additional support for employers in heavily affected sectors and sectors forced to close due to the coronavirus crisis. The compensation will be equivalent to the basic employer’s contributions and portion of the student solidarity contribution owed by the employer. To help with this measure, the NSSO also recently set up the online ‘NSSO compensation check’ service. read more ...