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Reporting & Solutions Continuous reporting and analysis of your company figures?

With Reporting & Solutions, measuring always means knowing!
Running a successful business is extremely demanding. Your customers are, and will remain, your key stakeholders. After all, there is no activity or revenue without them. But do you always know who you are doing business with?
Research shows that some 25 percent of bankruptcies are caused by defaulters. As a company manager or CFO, it is also of crucial importance to have an accurate picture of company performance at your disposal. Require transparent reporting that provides a straightforward overview? Want to define and measure your company KPIs? Wish to evaluate the efficiency of your business processes? Perhaps your sales cycle administration is too laborious for this digital age? Or maybe you would like a consultation? Then please do not hesitate to contact the Vandelanotte team, who will be only too happy to assist.

The advantages of Reporting & Solutions at a glance

Vandelanotte Reporting

During the first phase of our collaboration, our experienced team of specialists work with you to determine the key company parameters that must be monitored. Once these KPIs have been documented, we subsequently create a fully customised set of reports. We can either help your financial department to set up this reporting within your existing reporting tool or you can use our software package instead. Opt for the latter and we will deliver regular reporting according to an agreed frequency.

Such customised reporting enables you to convert statutory accounts into management figures, compare predefined budgets to current results, analyse profitability per product group or sector, track overdue receivables or liquidities evolution, and consult net operating capital.

In other words, customised reporting allows you to closely monitor the financial performance of your company at any given time. And that pays dividends.

Vandelanotte Solutions

Based on the reporting supplied, our experts can perform an in-depth analysis of your figures and compare them to those of your industry peers. Together, we subsequently examine and discuss the results and findings.

These periodic reports are also linked to your investment and cash planning, facilitating clear and rapid insight into future projections. We convert your figures into meaningful information that enables you to evaluate and fine-tune your strategic choices and decisions. We don’t provide you with historical reflection; but rather a clear view of your future, making the management of your business child’s play.

Vandelanotte Credit Management

Our professional team primarily focuses on preventive measures such as determining customer acceptance or drafting appropriate general terms and conditions. It is equally important that your financial team is correctly managed.

How does it deal with late payments, dissatisfied customers or the internal administration thereof? Which steps can be improved or automated? A smart link between your CRM, invoicing and accounting package significantly reduces your administration overhead.

Our dedicated specialists subsequently define how these actions translate into improved key figures for your business, such as via decreasing the average number of days’ customer credit or reducing actual losses etc. We can later use this data to predict your liquidity positions and enrich the preparation of a clear client segmentation

Fixed Price

Reporting & Solutions allows you to select the precise modalities that you require. You compile your collaboration package yourself nd thus know in advance exactly how much your reporting provision and any periodic consultations will cost.
Our extensive expertise, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of your company and the sector in which you operate, make Vandelanotte the ideal partner.
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