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Medical certificate no longer required for first day off work: how does this affect your company?
News 24th of November 2022
Last week, the authorities published a new law containing various provisions on incapacity for work. Among other things, the law stipulates that up to three times per calendar year, employees are not obliged to present a medical certificate for their first day of incapacity for work. This article briefly explains to what extent this law is applicable to all companies and how a company may deviate. read more ...
All about asbestos reports
News 5th of October 2022
In order to make Flanders asbestos-free by 2040, an asbestos report will become a requirement for any transfer of real property built before 2001 with a footprint equal to or exceeding 20 m2 from 23 November 2022. Additionally, all owners of properties built before 2001 must have obtained such a report by 31 December 2031. This article explains the implications in more detail. read more ...
What are the employment impacts of an employee wintering in the south?
News 23rd of September 2022
Rising energy prices have created a new trend among old and young alike: those who can afford it are heading south to spend the winter there. This is due to prices at all-in hotels in Spain often being cheaper than energy bills in Belgium. Thanks to remote working, employees whose jobs allow it can continue to work without having to take leave. Employers should pay attention to the following points when an employee makes this kind of move. read more ...