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Dismissals in the time of COVID-19: what employers need to know
News 2nd of July 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected this country’s labour market. The easing of the rules on temporary unemployment due to force majeure is intended to give companies the breathing room they need until the summer and to prevent dismissals. What if these dismissals prove unavoidable, however? read more ...
Suspension of notice period during furlough due to force majeure
News 26th of June 2020
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorities introduced a system of temporary unemployment due to coronavirus force majeure. This easing of the rules was intended to offer companies some financial breathing room and prevent dismissals. Though initially, an employee’s notice period continued while on furlough as usual, the legislators have now decided to suspend this period until the employee has resumed work. Who will be affected by this new law? read more ...
Flexible working during and after corona
News 10th of June 2020
The coronavirus is having a huge impact on the workplace, both in the short and long term. From the very beginning of the lockdown, companies were forced to organise their operations in a more flexible way. For many employers, this was also the impetus for adopting more structured and sustainable flexible working practices for the future. What can your company do to facilitate a flexible workforce both during and after corona? And which operational and personal requirements must you consider? We provide an overview below. read more ...