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News 5th of June 2020 By Veerle Cool

Toward a future-oriented, people-based HR policy: from audit to action plan

Toward a future-oriented, people-based HR policy: from audit to action plan

Four aspects of workable work

Good organisation:

  • +Have you made optimal provisions to ensure a safe return to the workplace?
  • +How is your capacity? Have these times led to excess or understaffing and how are you dealing with that?
  • +How can you ‘future-proof’ your work organisation?
  • +How are duties and roles distributed within your organisation and teams?
  • +What drives your employees? How can you play to people’s strengths to increase the energy they get from their jobs?

Learning in order to grow:

  • +How are you investing in employee training in the current circumstances?
  • +What are their current training needs and how are you addressing these creatively?
  • +How does your organisation handle knowledge sharing?

Enjoyment of work:

  • +How do you consider your employees’ mental well-being?
  • +What is your policy on well-being?
  • +How do you ensure the intrinsic motivation of your employees?
  • +How are you dealing with the current ‘work-life integration’ as an employer?

Quality leadership:

  • +What does effective leadership entail in your organisation?
  • +Do your managers have the necessary capabilities to help your organisation advance?
  • +In what ways do you promote people-based leadership?

From audit to action plan

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Veerle Cool
Veerle Cool

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