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News 31st of January 2017 By Kurt Callewaert

Vandelanotte presents a new service: Cyber Security and Data Protection

Vandelanotte presents a new service: cyber security and data protection
Data is the new gold, protecting it our newest challenge!
We live in a digital society where we are confronted with new technologies more and more often. But a digital network has its advantages: information flows faster, knowledge is filtered quicker and innovation comes to the surface faster. The digital economy often leads to a higher productivity. But, this is where the first danger lies: information (or data). Indeed, data is the new gold. Which is why hackers try to steal that information by abusing the vulnerabilities in both computer systems and people.

In order to avoid these issues Vandelanotte has decided to broaden its range of services with a number of new services.

1. Cyber Security

2. Data Protection

We base our advice on current legislation, interpretations and legal doctrine. This does not prevent the administration from being able to challenge it or to change existing interpretations.
Kurt Callewaert
Kurt Callewaert