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News 13th of July 2015 By Hannelore Durieu and Stephanie Vanmarcke

Mandatory additional health insurance through the employer in France

Health insurance
  • 100% of the basic amount of prescription/medication;
  • 100% of the fixed fee for day clinic;
  • 125% of the basic amount of dentist bills;
  • 100 EUR/year for cost of simple glass optics;
  • 150 EUR/year for cost of mixed glass optics;
  • 200 EUR/year for cost of complex glass optics.

The usual health insurance does not cover all of the costs. An additional insurance by the employer will complete coverage partially or totally.Payment of the contributions for this additional health insurance shall be borne 50% by the employer and 50% by the employee. The contributions vary between 7 EUR per month and 150 EUR per month, depending on the type of insurance.

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Hannelore Durieu
Hannelore Durieu
Stephanie Vanmarcke
Stephanie Vanmarcke