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News 8th of April 2022 By Els Van Eenhooge and Julie Vantomme

Personal income tax return form now published for 2022 assessment year

Personal income tax return form now published for 2022 assessment year

Tax reductions

  • +The ‘COVID-19 tax shelter’ now also applies to certain payments carried out in 2021.
  • +The big eye-catcher is definitely the new tax reduction for costs associated with the installation of a dedicated home EV charging station. To qualify for this tax reduction, such costs must have been incurred between 1 September 2021 and 31 August 2024. Eligible costs are capped at EUR 1,500 per charging point and per taxpayer. For costs incurred from 1 September 2021 through the end of 2022, the applicable tax reduction is 45%. After this date, the reduction rate will gradually decrease. Furthermore, this tax reduction cannot be requested for more than one taxable period.
  • +Another new item is the tax reduction for landlords with waived rental income amounting to at least 40% for tenants who were forced to close their business due to Covid-19 measures.

Tax credits

  • +The one-time tax credit for the Flemish Win-win loan has been raised to 40% (from 30%) for loans concluded in 2021.
  • +You may also be entitled to claim a tax credit for a maximum of five years under the Flemish Region’s new Friends' Share scheme.
  • +In the Walloon and Brussels-Capital Regions, the Coup de Pouce and Proxi loans offer similar tax benefits.
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Els Van Eenhooge
Els Van Eenhooge
Julie Vantomme
Julie Vantomme