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UPDATE: Identification in UBO register
News 2nd of October 2018
On 4 September 2018, we informed you about the so-called UBO-register. Since then, a number of modifications have been incorporated. We have briefly summarised these for your convenience below. read more ...
Non-Resident Tax Return for Natural Persons for Fiscal Year 2018
News 11th of September 2018
At the end of July, the FPS Finance published the declaration form for the tax on non-residents for natural persons for fiscal year 2018 (Royal Decree of 18 July 2018, Belgian Official Gazette 27 July 2018). So far, the forms have not been sent. They are expected to leave at the end of September. read more ...
Vandelanotte welcomes 14 new colleagues
News 10th of September 2018
On 3 September, the school year started again for many young people. And things were no different at Vandelanotte. On that day we were able to welcome 14 new starters, each of them keen to be part of the Vandelanotte team. read more ...
GDPR Fines: the Big Bang?
News 6th of September 2018
25 May 2018 is already about three months behind us. So, it looks like it is time to evaluate whether the dreaded GDPR fines have actually become a reality. Or can we sleep easy for a bit longer? And what about our neighbouring countries? Time for a look back. read more ...
Belgium requests identification in the UBO register by 31/03/2019
News 4th of September 2018
Under the influence of European directives, the UBO register is also becoming a fact of life in Belgium. This register, in which entities that are active in Belgium must include their 'ultimate beneficial owners' or 'final beneficiaries', must be completed by 31 March 2019 according to the long-awaited Royal Decree. read more ...
Brexit: current situation
News 29th of August 2018
On 19 March 2018 the European Union and The United Kingdom have reached an agreement over a so-called transition period. But what kind of impact does the Brexit have on Belgian companies? read more ...
Single permit in Belgium: final steps and important information for employers
News 9th of August 2018
Almost five years after the deadline for implementation (December, 25 2013), Belgian authorities are finally in the process of finalizing legislation in order to introduce a single application procedure that will allow non-EU nationals to obtain a single permit to live and work in Belgium. read more ...
'Use and enjoyment': a deviation from the B2B basic principle
News 31st of July 2018
Since the so-called 'VAT package' came into effect in 2010, the general principle is that transactions carried out in a B2B context must take place where the recipient of the service is established. read more ...
Transfer Pricing: administrative fines published
News 26th of July 2018
On 1 July 2016, the documentation requirement for transfer pricing was introduced in Belgium. The administrative fines range between 1,250 and 25,000 euros. read more ...
MT-CL consciously chooses Vandelanotte
News 25th of July 2018
MT-CL & ASSOCIES SPRL shall henceforth partner with accountancy and audit firm, Vandelanotte. read more ...
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