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Increasing cybercrime: prevention is better than cure
News 9th of February 2023
Ever-increasing digitisation is undoubtedly bringing many benefits, but it also has a downside. At least one in eight Flemish companies was the victim of a cyberattack in 2021, a number that, unfortunately, keeps rising. Fortunately, it is possible to plan and significantly reduce the risk. read more ...
PRESS RELEASE | Vandelanotte joins forces with ADRIE Accountants
News 1st of February 2023
The Vandelanotte group is expanding again: at the end of January it entered into a co-operation agreement with Adrie Accountants in Arendonk. The agreement strengthens Vandelanotte’s position in De Kempen and is yet another step in the firm’s steady growth. read more ...
Relaxation of the rules for homeworking for cross-border workers between Belgium and Luxembourg
News 31st of January 2023
A draft law was recently approved that provides for further easing of the rules concerning homeworking for cross-border workers between Belgium and Luxembourg. With effect from 1st January 2022, cross-border workers will be able to work 10 days longer at home without fiscal consequences. read more ...
Saturday no longer a normal working day? Not under all circumstances
News 26th of January 2023
A previous article discussed the Belgian Law of 28 April 2022 introducing Book 1 “General Provisions” of the Civil Code. These provisions stipulate that working days are all days other than public holidays, Sundays and Saturdays (Article 1.7). However, this law does not apply under all circumstances. We will explain. read more ...
Royalties after the fiscal reform
News 24th of January 2023
The federal government reached an agreement on the reform of the taxation of income from intellectual property rights just before the Christmas holidays. Although there was commotion about the interpretation of the material scope, the initial texts were adopted by the Parliamentary Committee. read more ...
What you should know about the Spanish federal wealth tax
News 20th of January 2023
In Spain, collection and administration of wealth tax is the responsibility of the country’s various autonomous regions. Every region is free to decide whether or not to impose a wealth tax. Andalusia, for example, chose to do away with all forms of wealth taxation on 20 September 2022. All good things come to an end, however… read more ...
Expanded reporting obligations: dotting the i's
News 19th of January 2023
Starting in the 2022 fiscal year, there will be a wider set of reporting obligations, with the total amount for all types of expense allowances always having to be declared on your tax form. Forms 281.10 and 281.20 for the 2022 fiscal year are due no later than 28 February 2023. As such, here we have dotted the i's and cross the t's on reimbursements of costs proper to the employer. read more ...
Compliance deadline for code of companies and associations
News 17th of January 2023
The new Belgian Code of Companies and Associations entered into force on 1 May 2019. All companies and associations must ensure that their articles of association comply with this legislation by 31 December 2023. This means companies and associations established before 1 May 2019 must amend their articles of association in accordance with the new Code’s requirements and provisions. This article explains the implications in more detail. read more ...
Diverse VAT changes to the application of the actual use method: an overview
News 13th of January 2023
From 2023 there is a new procedure for ‘mixed’ and ‘partial’ taxpayers who want to base their VAT deduction on actual use. Amongst other things, prior notification is now required. We provide you with an overview. read more ...
The impact of the new law about transparent and predictable working conditions on your HR policy
News 10th of January 2023
On 10th November a new law about transparent and predictable working conditions came into force, which was the transposition of a European directive. This law stipulates that specific information of an individual or collective nature has to be provided. The law also provides for a number of new minimum requirements in respect of working conditions for employees. We would like to explain it to you. read more ...
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