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The end of the ‘cheese route’ and the consequences for foreign assets
News 3rd of September 2020
From 1 December 2020, all gifts of moveable assets that are notarised abroad must be registered in Belgium. 7 July, the parliamentary committee adopted a legislative proposal that brings an end to the popular ‘cheese route’. read more ...
What Coronavirus Support Measures Will Remain Valid as of September?
News 1st of September 2020
This summer’s second COVID-19 wave occurred sooner than expected. This has led to the implementation of various stricter measures. The government also took the opportunity to reconsider support measures for SMEs and companies. So, what support measures can you still rely on today? We have explored your options. read more ...
Investment deduction of 25% for SMEs
News 27th of July 2020
The one-off investment deduction is an extra deduction that companies (SMEs and self-employed persons) can enjoy on top of the ordinary write-off. This can be done specifically for new, professional investments that are depreciable over a period of at least 3 years. read more ...
Reception costs 100% deductible...for the time being
News 27th of July 2020
A common discussion during tax audits concerns the classification of costs related to the organisation of a particular event. Entrepreneurs organise events to highlight their products and services to customers and prospects with the aim of boosting sales. read more ...
Chamber approves temporary partial withholding tax exemption
News 16th of July 2020
Enterprises that were forced to put one or more employees fully on furlough during the coronavirus crisis can now make use of a temporary partial withholding tax exemption. The Chamber approved this legislative proposal on 9 July 2020. read more ...
Dismissals in the time of COVID-19: what employers need to know
News 2nd of July 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected this country’s labour market. The easing of the rules on temporary unemployment due to force majeure is intended to give companies the breathing room they need until the summer and to prevent dismissals. What if these dismissals prove unavoidable, however? read more ...
Carry-back for corona losses becomes a reality
News 1st of July 2020
For many businesses, the repercussions of the corona crisis may be felt for a long time to come. The House has consequently approved a bill that permits the early deduction of corona losses from taxation. Indeed, companies can now advance the deduction of such estimated corona losses by offsetting them against the taxes liable in the previous financial year. An overview of this carryback scheme is provided below. read more ...
Suspension of notice period during furlough due to force majeure
News 26th of June 2020
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorities introduced a system of temporary unemployment due to coronavirus force majeure. This easing of the rules was intended to offer companies some financial breathing room and prevent dismissals. Though initially, an employee’s notice period continued while on furlough as usual, the legislators have now decided to suspend this period until the employee has resumed work. Who will be affected by this new law? read more ...
FAQ: Do businesses need to apply for a VAT number for construction work in France?
News 22nd of June 2020
Vandelanotte France is regularly contacted by companies that are conducting operations in France for the first time and consequently exploring the French VAT implications. It would appear that many companies are wrestling with the same questions. We would therefore like to provide answers to our five most Frequently Asked Questions via a short news series. read more ...
Superkern again approves additional coronavirus support measures
News 19th of June 2020
Last week the Belgian federal cabinet’s ‘Superkern’ again approved a series of additional measures from the third phase of the Federal Plan for Social and Economic Protection. There are two sets of measures, focusing on stimulating investment on the one hand and the organisation of work on the other. In the first phase on 6 June, the ‘Superkern’ already agreed to a previous series of additional measures. read more ...
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