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Tax authorities are tracking down income paid to directors for international roles
News 6th of May 2021
As a director of a foreign company, your mandate may include two separate functions, for which you receive two salaries. Specifically, you could be a member of the Board of Directors and at the same time have responsibility for day-to-day management. In today’s expanding “global village”, where international roles are increasingly common, it can be a challenge to identify exactly what income should be taxed where. Perhaps just in the foreign country? A nice idea, but sadly too simple... read more ...
Common Reporting Standards (CRS) offer tax authorities insight into your foreign capital
News 29th of April 2021
If you have foreign assets, you had better be sure to file an accurate Belgian tax return. Thanks to the international exchange of financial account information introduced in 2017, the tax authorities have direct access to financial data regarding your foreign capital. read more ...
Foreign real estate also subject to CI
News 1st of March 2021
We already knew there was an important change in the works for Belgians with properties abroad. Recently, the Chamber approved the legislative proposal to make that change. What does this mean in practical terms for Belgians with foreign properties? read more ...
Tax reduction for landlords
News 25th of February 2021
Mandatory closure of many enterprises is having serious financial impacts. Entrepreneurs who rent premises are having to dig into their reserves to bridge this period. Some landlords have responded to this situation by waiving part of their rent. read more ...
Additional support measures for the COVID-19 pandemic
News 16th of February 2021
On Friday 12 February 2021, the Inner Cabinet agreed to extend a comprehensive package of support measures until the end of June 2021. The Inner Cabinet also announced a number of additional support measures. read more ...
The Main Measures of the French Finance Act and the Social Security Financing Act in Focus
News 16th of February 2021
As always at the beginning of a new year, the Finance Act and the Social Security Financing Act (Loi de Finances et la Loi de Financement de la Sécurité Sociale) include a great number of new features for companies in France. Doing business in France? Are you planning to set up a business in France? Then you might be interested in these new provisions. An overview of the important measures for the coming year... read more ...
Investing in France now fiscally advantageous!
News 2nd of February 2021
Dividends distributed to Belgian residents by French companies are subject to taxation in both France and Belgium. Recent developments have served to eliminate this double taxation. As a result, investing in French shares is now actually more advantageous than investing in Belgian shares! read more ...
Transitional rules for patent income deductions cease from 30 June 2021
News 28th of January 2021
The new ruling regarding innovation income deductions has been in effect since 1 July 2016. This is intended to replace the previous patent income deduction scheme. The transitional rules allow companies to make use of the patent income deduction through 30 June 2021. read more ...
Apply now for the next part of the New Flemish Protection Mechanism
News 4th of January 2021
The Flemish Protection Mechanism (Nieuw Vlaams Beschermingsmechanisme), the VLAIO premium for entrepreneurs who experienced loss of turnover in the months of August and September 2020, was followed by the first part of the New Flemish Protection Mechanism, for entrepreneurs with significant loss of turnover and hospitality businesses subject to mandatory closure. From 4 January 2021, you can also apply for the next part of the Flemish Protection Mechanism. This part concerns the period from 15 November through 31 December 2020. read more ...
Brexit: organise your future employment now
News 2nd of December 2020
On 1 January 2021, Brexit will bring the free movement of people between the EU and the United Kingdom to an end. From this date, Belgians moving to the UK or UK citizens moving to Belgium will be treated as third-country nationals. What does this mean for European nationals who are currently working in the UK, or British workers in our country? What are the specific requirements for employment in another country? We found out for you. read more ...
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