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PRESS RELEASE | Vandelanotte is joining forces with Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & Co
News 7th of July 2022
Accountancy and audit firms Vandelanotte and Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & Co, the two oldest independent family businesses in the sector, are merging and strenghtening their position on the accountancy and audit market. read more ...
The tax consequences of being an influencer
News 28th of June 2022
Every profession has its own obligations, tax-related and otherwise, and being an influencer is no exception. Following several recent parliamentary questions and an explanatory memorandum by the tax authorities, we will delve deeper into these tax obligations. read more ...
Remember your reporting obligation for payments to tax havens
News 21st of June 2022
Belgian companies that make payments to tax havens are subject to specific reporting obligations. What must your company do to meet these requirements? We will explain. read more ...
Why open communication is essential to ensure business continuity
News 16th of June 2022
Good agreements make good friends. This is a golden rule when it comes to interactions between people. It is also a platinum condition to be able to start up a successful business and more than that, to keep it that way. Sometimes that is easier said than done, though. read more ...
Pay attention to your group structure when applying the group contribution
News 14th of June 2022
From the 2020 assessment year onwards, companies can reap the benefits of the ‘group contribution’ scheme. What exactly is the group contribution, though? And in which cases is it worth looking into? This article discusses the group contribution’s possible advantages to your company or companies. read more ...
From the 2022 tax year onwards, non-profit companies are included in the expanded reporting obligation for employer-specific costs
News 10th of June 2022
The tax authorities wish to gain more insight into reimbursements of employer-specific costs. For reimbursements paid from 1 January 2022 onwards, the total amount of all reimbursed costs of any kind must be noted on the tax form. read more ...
How to work from home in an international, post-Covid context
News 7th of June 2022
Belgium’s temporary Covid-19 arrangements with the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg will come to an end on 30 June 2022. However, teleworking will continue to play a crucial role even after the pandemic. In an international context, this has implications for both employers and employees, and not just in relation to neighbouring countries. read more ...
Higher state pension, lower supplementary pension
News 30th of May 2022
Last year, there was good news for those of us who are self-employed: the state pension for the self-employed was to increase. However, a recent circular issued by the tax authorities also made it clear that this increase has significant effects... read more ...
Extended application deadline for the new expat regime
News 16th of May 2022
The new expat regime came into effect in Belgium on 1 January 2022. Subject to meeting certain criteria, “immigrant taxpayers” and “immigrant researchers” are applicable for various tax benefits, based on the salary they receive for work done in Belgium. read more ...
“Let’s get started” with Vandelanotte: a practical guide for beginning entrepreneurs
News 12th of May 2022
Are you ready to start writing your own success story, but just not sure how to begin? Take a look at our Starter’s Guide: the handy guide for any new entrepreneur. read more ...
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