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The clock is ticking fast on GDPR - Is your business ready?
News 20th of March 2018
On May 25 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR') will enter into force. This Regulation encapsulates the European legislation on the processing of personal data - in other words, it is all about privacy. read more ...
Important consequences of the Belgian tax reform
News 13th of March 2018
At the end of December 2017, the long-awaited corporate income tax reform was approved by the federal government. The corporate tax changes that are taking place as of 2018 also affect large corporations and multinational groups. read more ...
Vandelanotte hosts Leading Edge Alliance Conference in times of global tax reforms
News 28th of February 2018
The world of taxation clearly never stands still. In addition to the current tax reforms in Belgium, significant fiscal shifts are also occurring across the globe. read more ...
New European Regulations for E-Commerce
News 16th of January 2018
On 5 December 2017, the European Council adopted new regulations concerning e-commerce. With this new step, the Council continues the further unification of the European market. Most of these regulations will take effect in 2019. read more ...
Notification requirement for payments to tax havens: OECD list updated
News 14th of December 2017
Payments to persons or permanent establishments located in so-called "tax havens" which exceed the threshold of 100.000 euros per taxable period must be reported via a separate form on the corporation tax return. read more ...
Publication of the tax return form for non-residents (natural persons) for the 2017 assessment year
News 9th of October 2017
On 4 September 2017, the Belgian Official Gazette published the Royal Decree of 30 August 2017 laying down the model tax return form for non-residents (natural persons) for the 2017 assessment year (2016 income year) read more ...
Tax on second homes in De Haan violates the principle of equality
News 17th of July 2017
The Court of First Instance in Bruges ruled that the different tax rates in the coastal town of De Haan were also contrary to the principle of equality. read more ...
Vandelanotte welcomes 300th employee
News 10th of July 2017
On July 10th, 2017, accountancy and audit firm, Vandelanotte, welcomed its 300th employee. A milestone for the company which has doubled its staff numbers over the past 10 years. read more ...
How changing your nationality can significantly reduce the tax on public service pensions and other pensions
News 14th of June 2017
It is common for Belgian residents who have their career in Belgium to emigrate to France when they retire or when they approach the age of retirement. Often, they already have a second home that then becomes their main residence. read more ...
Working in Belgium, living in the Netherlands: which country will tax the pension built up with your employer?
News 1st of June 2017
You live in the Belgian-Dutch border region, you work just across the border and intend to retire aged 65. You will receive a substantial pension pot from your employer's group pension scheme or pension fund.. But which country will tax you and at what rate? read more ...
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