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Real estate in France? Learn about the impact of the new double taxation agreement between Belgium and France!
News 25th of April 2022
Belgium and France have recently negotiated a new double taxation agreement. Although the new agreement will not come into effect before 2023, we thought it would be useful to put together an overview of the key changes that will apply to Belgian residents who own property in France. read more ...
Can I issue an invoice in a different language?
News 22nd of April 2022
Chances are, at some point, one or other of your clients has asked if you can issue their invoice in a different language. Are you allowed to do that and how should you respond? Here’s a roundup of the current rules. read more ...
Rising material costs: the contractor’s problem alone?
News 19th of April 2022
Pandemic. War in Ukraine. Rising energy and transport costs. The current world situation is making itself felt in the construction sector. As a contractor, do you have to simply take the hit, or are there ways you can pass on some of the increasing costs to your client? read more ...
Personal income tax return form now published for 2022 assessment year
News 8th of April 2022
The new personal income tax return form for the 2022 assessment year (2021 tax year) was published in the Belgian Official Gazette of 28 March 2022. read more ...
Reduced scope of obligation to submit 281.50
News 1st of April 2022
For certain types of professional income such as commissions, brokerage fees, trade or other rebates, (non-)incidental attendance fees, gratuities, professional fees and benefits in kind, a 281.50 form must be completed for each creditor. read more ...
What will change for teleworking cross-border workers after the Covid crisis?
News 29th of March 2022
Due to the Covid pandemic, many employees worked from home in 2020 and 2021. Teleworking is expected to stay popular in the future as well. This may require employers to adapt their payroll and administrative processes to accommodate teleworking employees who live abroad. We are happy to offer advice. read more ...
Solidarity with Ukraine
News 22nd of March 2022
The images reaching us from Ukraine leave no one unmoved. According to the latest news reports, more than 3 million people have already left the country, and no one can predict how long this terrible situation will last. Vandelanotte would also like to do its part to support the Ukrainian refugees. read more ...
How can you employ Ukrainian refugees in Belgium?
News 16th of March 2022
Due to the war in Ukraine, the Council of the European Union decided to activate the Temporary Protection Directive of 20 July 2001 by means of an implementing decision (2022/382) on 4 March 2022. read more ...
Want to avoid a tax increase? Pay in advance!
News 14th of March 2022
Companies and sole traders with taxable results are encouraged to make advance payments. After all, if a company or sole trader does not pay enough in advance during the taxable period, or does not make an advance payment at all, this increases the amount of tax they will owe read more ...
First appointments: changes to target group deductions
News 3rd of March 2022
If you are an employer taking on new staff, you benefit from social security deductions for your first one to six employees. read more ...
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