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Brexit: no EU refund for British VAT from 1 January 2021
News 12th of November 2020
In recent years, people who conducted business with the United Kingdom could use the European VAT-Refund application to claim back any VAT paid in the UK. This is yet another arrangement that will be impacted by Brexit. What does this mean in practice for enterprises wishing to claim a VAT refund from the UK? read more ...
Why you should start investing in sustainable entrepreneurship today
News 5th of November 2020
The protracted coronavirus crisis is a curse for many and a blessing for others. Companies that conduct their business in a sustainable, ecological and responsible manner appear to be far less impacted by the crisis. But why is that exactly? And what are the benefits of sustainable entrepreneurship? read more ...
Brexit: no intra-community supply from 1 January 2021
News 4th of November 2020
On 1 February 2020, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union. However, we subsequently entered a transition period that ends on 31 December 2020. Brexit’s consequences will therefore only become truly apparent from 1 January 2021. What does this mean in practical terms for enterprises that supply goods to UK customers? read more ...
New mandatory submission of supporting documents for UBO registration
News 29th of October 2020
On 11 October 2020, it became a legal requirement to substantiate the accuracy and currency of information recorded in the UBO register regarding ultimate beneficial owners. This was previously a point of debate. A transition period is provided for entrepreneurs who already took action before this date. read more ...
Non-resident natural persons: remember to file your tax return
News 28th of October 2020
FPS Finances issued the non-resident tax return for natural persons for the 2020 assessment year (2019 fiscal year) in early July. Paper tax return forms are expected to be available at the end of October. You may file your taxes either on paper or by digital means. read more ...
These are the new proposed Coronavirus support measures
News 22nd of October 2020
From Monday 2 November, our country will enter another, stricter lockdown period. This will be accompanied by various new and far-reaching measures. The proposals include a generous range of support measures for entrepreneurs in the catering industry and other sectors. read more ...
Cross-Border Home Working: Extension of Measures
News 1st of October 2020
Do you usually work abroad, but have you worked mainly from home in the past few months due to the coronavirus? Under normal circumstances, this would mean that you now had to pay tax and social security contributions in Belgium instead of your country of employment. To prevent this, two measures were created. These measures have now been extended through 31 December 2020. read more ...
Resumption of company operations following corona: how to get started
News 24th of September 2020
Many companies have resumed activities in the past few months. Such relaunches are not always straight-forward, however. Numerous measures and constantly changing legislation make it hard to determine the precise requirements. This can lead to unpleasant surprises in the event of an inspection. Now that the chance of an inspector dropping by is increasing likely, it is best to be well-prepared. read more ...
Is it best to gift the shares of my SCI (Property Investment Company) before 1 December 2020?
News 17th of September 2020
As from 1 December, gifts of foreign movable property executed in the presence of a foreign civil-law notary, must also be registered in Belgium. The broadening of the registration requirement may mean that you will have to pay gift taxes both in Belgium and abroad. But what does that mean for your French SCI? read more ...
How do I apply for a personal early tax loss carry-back?
News 8th of September 2020
The federal government has taken a number of far-reaching measures in an effort to limit the economic consequences of the pandemic. One of these measures is the option to deduct losses in advance, known as a carry-back. In a previous article, we discussed the application of the corporate early tax loss carry-back. The current article delves more deeply into the early loss carry-back for personal income tax. read more ...
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