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Working from home as part of an international work situation: potentially drastic consequences for employees
News 3rd of April 2020
As a result of the coronavirus, a lot of employees are working from home. However, for cross-border workers, this can have far-reaching tax implications. read more ...
Deferral of social security contributions for self-employed workers
News 1st of April 2020
Self-employed persons can obtain a payment deferral of social security contributions for the first and second quarters of 2020. The deferral is granted until 31 March 2021 and 30 June 2021 respectively. read more ...
One-off compensation grant of 3,000 euros for entrepreneurs with a severe loss of income
News 1st of April 2020
Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon announced in a press conference this afternoon that there will be a one-off grant of 3,000 euros for companies that did not have to close down, but did see a serious decline in their turnover in the period from mid-March to the end of April. read more ...
One-off coronavirus grant for businesses in the Brussels-Capital Region
News 30th of March 2020
In the context of the current coronavirus crisis, the Brussels-Capital Region has allocated a budget of EUR 150 million to assist businesses in difficulty. read more ...
Early VAT credit refund
News 30th of March 2020
To mitigate the financial impact of the coronavirus crisis on companies, the tax administration is granting an accelerated refund of the VAT credit on the current account (as at 31 March 2020). In this case, the refund will now be made by 30 April instead of 29 May or 30 June. read more ...
COVID-19 grant for Walloon companies and sole proprietorships
News 30th of March 2020
The Walloon government has set up an extraordinary solidarity fund to support Walloon companies during this period of crisis. read more ...
Deferral of bank loans
News 27th of March 2020
The coronavirus crisis is having a huge impact on the cash position of our companies. The tax authorities have already partly responded to this by granting deferrals of payment, either automatically or on request. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs are still confronted with cash flow problems, for instance loans that have to be repaid. The Minister of Finance has now drawn up an agreement with the financial sector in order to address these problems. read more ...
Impairment of trade receivables due to the coronavirus
News 26th of March 2020
As a result of COVID-19, more and more entrepreneurs are dealing with outstanding receivables. Do these receivables qualify as impaired for tax purposes? read more ...
Homeworking due to corona? Ruling Committee makes proposal for costs proper to the employer
News 23rd of March 2020
Due to the strict measures being taken to combat coronavirus, increasing numbers of Belgians are working from home. Homeworking is in any case quite normal nowadays. The Belgian Ruling Committee launched a fast-track procedure for applications concerning costs proper to the employer for working from home in the context of the government measures for Covid-19. read more ...
Consequences of working from home for employees in an international situation
News 23rd of March 2020
As a result of coronavirus, many employees are working from home. However, for employees who work across borders, this can have far-reaching consequences in terms of taxes and social security contributions. To counteract these consequences, the Belgian authorities have introduced a number of tolerances. read more ...
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