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Advice on strategy, processes and business control.

For SMEs and larger companies alike.
Are your business processes inflexible? Is your organisation suffering from digital stress? Do you recognise that change is required, yet do not know where to start?
In today’s digital age, businesses are in a constant state of flux. The structure is continuously evolving and the complexity increasing. Which typically leads to inefficiency. But what exactly is the cause? Our specialists work with you to uncover the pain points in your modus operandi and compare the present state of play with your desired scenario. What are your current processes? How do you harness data? And how does your reporting support your current tools? Come visit one of our specialists and let’s plan the future together. Ready for digital transformation?
This service is offered in partnership with horsum.

What we can do for you:

Business assessment

Our specialists rigorously screen your strategy, processes, data and reporting during an in-depth business assessment. Is your business model equipped for the future? How can you organise your business processes more effectively and efficiently? Could you accomplish more using fewer resources? And how can you optimise your working capital? Vandelanotte is happy to devise a bespoke approach for every requirement.

ERP and digital selection

Those wishing to grow their business can no longer survive without digitisation. However, the digital solutions on offer are almost infinite, and it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Which processes can you digitise? What software could replace your outdated tools? And how can we apply blockchain and RPA in your organisation?

Together we examine your digital priorities, enabling your business to go from strength to strength.

Data & process analytics

We are becoming an increasingly data-driven world. Yet collating data is only the first step. It is the interpretation of such data that adds genuine value and supports you in your policy decisions. We can assist you in that interpretation using data and process analyses. What can you learn from your data, for example? What tasks do you perform? Are you doing the right things? And could you organise your processes more efficiently?

We make your data collation transparent by inter-linking reporting, data and processes, enabling you to make easier, more informed decisions as a result.

Internal audit

Would you like more certainty about the accuracy of your internal processes, data, information systems, checks and controls? Are you an exceptionally busy internal auditor who is keen to outsource specific internal audits? Our experienced auditors are happy to provide the necessary support. Whether it concerns risk analyses, establishing internal controls, training courses or knowledge sharing, we devise bespoke solutions tailored to the precise requirements of your business.


The professional, hands-on assistance that we received during the implementation of our internal audit program was highly appreciated by the process owners and internal audit department alike. Koen Verstringe Internal audit manager, Ontex
As a fast-growing SME, we required a clear, helicopter view of all our processes. With their no-nonsense approach, horsum succeeded in actively engaging the entire organisation in this project. The result was an advisory report brimming with useful recommendations that will also serve as a basis for entering into discussions with various IT partners. Filip Lietaer CEO, Bel Confect
Horsum have truly taken our employees to the “next level” in terms of reporting. The professional way in which they achieved this has enabled us to take major steps in a relatively short period of time, and we now benefit from transparent reporting for enhanced analysis. Guy Vandenbroucke Plant Manager, Lutosa
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