jan van gils


Jan Van Gils

Certified Accountant


As an Accountant-Tax Advisor, Jan Van Gils is responsible for accounting departments in the Antwerp, Brussels, Aalst and Zele regions.


Jan obtained the Bachelor of Accountancy degree, with the option of Informatics, at the Stedelijk Hoger Handelsinstituut in Turnhout. In addition, he obtained the Financial Management Certificate, as well as the Expert Bookkeeping and BKR Auditor at the Belgian Chamber of Accountants in Antwerp, Bachelor of Economics and Master of Business Administration at Hasselt University. In addition, he acquired the title of Accountant-Tax Advisor at the Institute of Accountants and Tax Advisors. Jan continues to pursue his continuing education and has obtained various certificates in the field of accountancy, tax law, legal, HR, organisational theory and IT at UA Antwerp, the Belgian Chamber of Accountants, Kluwer, Vlerick, U-Man and EHSAL.


After his studies, Jan started his career at Kredietbank. In 1983 he moved to the accounting department of Janssen Pharmaceutica in Beerse. At Concordia Mail Benelux in Turnhout/Breda he became Chief Accountant in 1986 and in 1989 Financial Director. After reviewing the internal finances, Jan started in 1994 as a partner and Business Manager at First Accounting, Tax en Legal in Antwerp. Jan has expanded this office into a high-quality tax and legal accounting firm of 30 employees. At the end of 2015, Jan joined Vandelanotte and became the Director of the Antwerp office. Jan Van Gils has been a partner at Vandelanotte since early 2017 and is responsible for the accounting departments in Antwerp, Brussels, Aalst and Zele.

Other professional commitments

Jan is a member of the Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants (IAB) and of the Chamber of Accountants in Antwerp. In addition, he has been a quality assessor at the IAB since 2016.


Jan often gives training and further training on year-end operations, the updating of CBN advice and balance reading for non-accountants. He was also closely involved in the BEF - EURO transition at ING.