ivan maes


Ivan Maes

Certified Tax Advisor


Ivan Maes works as a Tax Lawyer and Tax Advisor at our office in Antwerp.


In 1985 Ivan graduated with a Master’s in Law at the University of Antwerp.
Two years later he pursued a postgraduate course in Fiscal Sciences at the Fiscale Hogeschool in Brussels (KULeuven Association).


Ivan started his career as a lawyer in 1985 at Fiduciaire J. Van Breda & C° in Antwerp.
After gaining an additional diploma in taxation, he started working more and more frequently with tax files.
In 1989 he continued his career as a tax lawyer at the international consultancy firm Fiduciaire Moores Rowiand where he held various positions at the tax department in Brussels. This company merged with Deloitte in 1998 and Ivan became the tax director and jointly responsible for the tax department in Antwerp.

In 2001 he became a partner and manager of Fimico Tax & Legal, an accounting and tax law consultancy with registered offices in Antwerp, Brussels and Dendermonde.
He counselled various family companies, growth companies, wealthy individuals and self-employed people. In addition to general tax practice, he is fascinated by the various multidisciplinary perspectives of asset planning. After the merger with Fimico, Ivan became a partner at Vandelanotte in 2010.


Ivan has given several lectures on tax law at VOKA Antwerp and VOKA Mechelen during his career and has acted as a guest lecturer on private and corporation tax for BKR Antwerp (now Artemis) and other establishments. He gives regular talks for professional organisations and is involved in information sessions for clients of private bankers and asset managers.