iris de groote


Iris De Groote

Certified Accountant


Iris De Groote is responsible for the Strategic Business Solutions department and manages a client portfolio comprising a large number of family-run SMEs.


Iris obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy with a Business Management specialisation at the Catholic University of Southern West-Flanders’ HANTAL department (Commercial Sciences and Business Administration) in Kortrijk. She additionally acquired her Tax Consultant diploma at Syntra West and assumed the title of Accountant-Tax Consultant at the Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants (IAB).


Iris joined Vandelanotte following her studies in 1999. She started her career as a case manager in the Wevelgem office and went on to become a director of one of Vandelanotte’s accounting departments in Kortrijk. Iris has been a Vandelanotte partner since 2018, focusing on the digitalisation and optimisation of her clients’ finance departments. This facilitates the creation of high-quality analyses and management reporting with the accompanying consultancy.

Iris enjoys working with clients to explore creative solutions that optimise the efficiency of their companies. Her number one goal is to act as a sounding board for business owners when making strategic decisions.