carl van biervliet


Carl Van Biervliet

Certified Tax Accountant


As a partner, Carl Van Biervliet works within the Tax department.


Carl holds a bachelor’s degree in Informatics and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Katholieke Hogeschool (KATHO) in Kortrijk. He then took a postgraduate course in Fiscal Sciences at the Sint-Aloysius School of Economics (EHSAL) in Brussels, where he won the E&Y Prize. He later attended a course in corporate law at EHSAL.


In 1988 he started his professional career as an accountant at Vandelanotte. In 1992 he obtained the title of Accountant and in 2000 that of Tax Advisor. Today he works as a partner within the tax department.


Carl is a speaker at various seminars, including at the Fiscale Hogeschool, at Fiscaal Informatief and Kennisateliers. He is also a lecturer at the HUB for the postgraduate course Tax Law and Tax Practice and he is a guest lecturer at the University College Ghent and at Arteveldehogeschool Ghent.


Carl is an author and a member of Kluwer's editorial board (including newsletters, "Professioneel vermogensadvies" and co-author of "Dé gids voor vennootschappen",  "Uw Vennootschap en de Fiscus" , etc.). In addition, he wrote several books and files (such as ‘België: fiscaal paradijs’ , ‘Aandelen vanuit diverse fiscale hoeken bekeken’, ‘Fiscaalvriendelijke geld uit uw vennootschap halen’, ‘Kosten eigen aan de werkgever’, 'De rekening-courant: Fiscale optimalisatie of fiscale valkuil’).


Last, but not least, he's a permanent member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), specifically within the area of taxation. As part of his activities with the LEA, he participates in worldwide conferences, where he regularly gives lectures.